Can astigmatism be trained away? Yes it can and often quickly.

What is astigmatism?

Is astigmatism something that's inherited or something you are born with? That is is what most optometrist an ophthalmologists believe. Treatment consists of correction with optics. In the case of astigmatism it is cylindrical elements placed in front of the eye to compensate for the distortion. Of course the optic correction do not actually do anything for the astigmatism itself.

The astigmatic eye has two focal points. One on the retina and one in front producing shadows behind letters.

Is there a way to correct astigmatism naturally?

If we think of astigmatism as an unequal tension pattern among the four muscles located in front of your eyeball. Think of a tent, the old fashioned one, with four wires. If one wire is tighter than the rest your tent will tilt. Astigmatism is like that, if one of these muscles is less flexible or hold more tension. Then that muscle will pull your cornea, which is normally a perfect dome, out of shape so it becomes more like an oval.

Astigmatism is like a stiff shoulder.

Astigmatism is like having a stiff shoulder.

Assuming that tension is the main cause of astigmatism, then releasing the tension in the eye muscles ought to cure the astigmatism.

How do you know if you have astigmatism?

The old fashioned astigmatism test is the star diagram that will reveal if you have astigmatism.

If you see darker lines, shadows or part of the circle is gray then you have astigmatism.

Do you have astigmatism?

You can have astigmatism in just one of your eyes. So it's important to test one eye at a time. You can also have astigmatism at different distances from you. Some people have astigmatism only at arms length. Others have astigmatism at reading distance.

Exercising your astigmatism away

Over the last 20 years I have shared a simple exercise with people all over the world. I use a graphic I picked up in a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California many years ago. The graphic is just a guide for you to move your eyes.

The Tibetan wheel exercise for astigmatism.

Astigmatism gone?

Most people will notice an improvement after just one exercise. Unbelievable?

Here is some objective proof. Those topographical scans were made one day apart.

On the first one you see the typical astigmatism pattern. On the second scan a day later you see there in no longer any measurable astigmatism.

Want to get rid if your astigmatism?

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