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Top Five Design Trends For 2018

1. Smart Kitchen

The one of the most popular design trends following the departure of 2017 is the fully smooth transitioning to smart kitchens. Smart kitchens are becoming the social "norm" for your kitchen now-a-days, with all the devices we use at home it is easy to see why we would implement this into our design. The smart kitchen is going to become more relevant in the designs for 2018, as many kitchens are becoming more of a social room rather than a classical kitchen.

This will make your decision for a kitchen fall into our signature range. We offer a fully smart set up for your home from an iPhone holder embedded into your worktop to a fully customisable induction hob.

2. Gold Features

A big design feature that is gonna take 2018 by storm is Gold Features. With designers now working more metals in kitchen design, a lot of new kitchens will feature a classy gold outline or appliance to uplift the class of the kitchen. This will be seen in quite a few expensive kitchens as it symbolizes the expense of a kitchen, the gold feature may be unnoticeable at first glance but it defiantly gives the kitchen a classy undertone and rich definition to the home.

This kitchen feature can be placed right into an average home and spark it up into our Signature or Lifestyle Ranged kitchens, depending on other variables and features you have.

3. Bi-Fold unit

A kitchen hidden in plain site, is this next trend. T o maximize space and efficiency in your home the bi-fold unit is new best thing. A lot of kitchen designs are starting to become about storage efficiency, even in a massive kitchen with enough space not have this much storage efficiency. One great benefit of having a bi-fold kitchen unit is that you can now plan to have a bigger kitchen in a smaller home, so size isn't an issue anymore.

Even as this kitchen maximizes compact-ability and efficiency, it will add up to a more expensive option to a traditional open unit. So this feature would be placed in our Signature Range.

4. Mixed Pastels

We you work with one of our designers you can get the option to pick your own colour to suit your desires, however there is a selection of trendy pastel colour to pick for 2018 that creates the best look for your home. If your home life is lively and entertaining you want your kitchen to represent that, so having mixed shades of pastel blue and grey can create a seamless mixed blend through your kitchen for an inviting presence for your home.

The best blend of pastels is up to you, with a wide range of shades and a variety of colour you can also express yourself with your kitchen. This Trend can be suitable to any of our Kitchens but more prominent in our Simple and Lifestyle Ranges.

5. A lighter Tone

It seems that many kitchens in 2018 are transitioning to from dark to light. You will begin to see more tones of white and shades for light gray being used instead of the traditional darker forms of colour. This is a contrasts to last years designs, as it is freshening things up with a polished ambiance. This could also factor in with that pastel colours being able to mix well will the lighter shades of colour rather than the dark.

So having a lighter kitchen is not only a great option but a safe one too, with the introduction of introducing some pastels you can have a extremely trendy kitchen for 2018, this feature would suit our Lifestyle range best.

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