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Badrinath Temple

I first visited the Badrinath Temple located in a very beautiful spot in the Himalayas. The atmosphere was very peaceful and sacred while everyone was worshiping. Everyone there had their own human values and respected each other. The temple was built in order to honor Vishnu, a Hindu god. The temple was very big, colorful and had very intricate designs.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

I then visited the holy city of Mathura in India. Mathura is home of the most important lords of the Hindu culture, Krishna. The city has festivals every once in a while to honor the god Krishna, the festivals are celebrated with the Hindu people and their rituals. The people of the city sing songs and dance in order to celebrate the birth of the god Krishna.



I visited the Lumbini temple in Nepal, it is a very holy site for Buddhists. Lumbibni was the place where Buddha was born, people who visit this temple have to show appreciation and devotion to the Buddhist religion. The architecture for the temple is stone and placed and designed very carefully. There is a sacred pool outside the temple that represents the birth of Buddha. This temple is very calm and peaceful where you can go for the satisfaction of the Buddhist culture.

Bodh Gaya

I then visited the Bodh Gaya site in India. The Bodh Gaya is called the place of enlightenment because the Buddha visited the site to share his teachings. The huge statue of Buddha is to be worshiped and brought offerings to. The holy site is a very monumental place for all Buddhist because their god had his enlightenment by the Bodhi tree close to the Bodh Gaya.


Jerusalem, Israel

A sacred Judaism site is the town of Jerusalem in Israel. Jerusalem is the site of the original temple and where the ten commandments that Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai were stored. Israel still has a lot of Jews that live there and worship in synagogues around the famous holy sites. The people go to these synagogues to worship and learn more about God.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem

I went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem because it is a sacred site that used to support the Second Temple. Many Jews come here to pray and have worship services because the plaza in front of it is an open synagogue. The wall is perfectly placed and the stones are all precisely placed without mortar, the stone is very old and worn but the wall still stands. The site is filled with very emotional and serious people that are there to worship and pray.



I visited a holy place for Christians, Bethlehem, because it is the birthplace of Jesus. The city is now mostly home to Muslims but Christian tourists still come to visit. There are not very many people the are Christians and live in Bethlehem so there aren't many churches available. The city was rebuilt after it was destroyed so the architecture is more modern and still very crowded with people. It is not as much peaceful as it is busy but it is still a historic site.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

I traveled to Barcelona, Spain in order to see the Sagrada Familia Basilica. The basilica is a look into Christianity and shows the worship, scripture and the dedication to the saints. The basilica is a he church with lots of different shaped pillars and floors and windows, all with very intricate designs. The basilica is a place of peace and worship that tourist come to see to get a very extraordinary view at the Christian life.


Mecca, Saudi Arabia

I visited the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, it is the holy birthplace of Muhammed. Well I didn't really go into the city and worship at the temple because you have to be a Muslim, but I watched from a distance and could hear the thousands of people praying and worshiping their god.

Great Mosque of Djenne

The second place I visited for the Islamic only sites was the Great Mosque of Djenne. The mosque is located in Mali and is very tall and made out of mud brick. Local Muslims come to the Mosque to worship, most people travel from farther away or by foot to come in order to worship at the mosque.


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