Islam the "terrorist" religion

The central religious text of Islam is the Quran. Which is believed to have been a revelation from God. It was told verbally told to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. Muslims are monotheistic meaning they believe in one god, Allah.
The five pillars of Islam constantly weaves a Muslim's everyday duties. Conducting the five pillars shows that a Muslim puts his or her fate first before anything else. Shahada is a declaration of faith, it is a prayer that states there is only one god and that Muhammad is the messenger. Salat is the Islamic prayer that must be done five times a day each prayer is done facing the Kaaba in Mecca. Distributing wealth to mosques is known as Zakat and Hajj is when every Muslim must go to pilgrimage in Mecca. Sawm is fasting known as Ramadan you cannot eat from sunrise to sunset.
Known as "The Holy Prophet", Muhammad is the founder of Muslim religion. He is seen as the last prophet sent to earth by God. Muhammad received revelations from God that form the holy book known as the Quran, the most important text of Islam.
The Kaaba is a sacred building in the most holy mosque. Wherever a Muslim is in the world he or she must face it and pray (Salat). Also every Muslim that is able to must complete Hajj one of the five pillars.


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