Sugar Beet GMO By:Logan carter

This is a Sugar Beet

This is a sugar beet

The sugar beet is infused with Glyphosate poisoning resist genes, which is because of plants like tomatoes,carrots, and squash.

The Round up ready sugar beets were created by Monsanto in 1975, but they weren't globally shipped until 2005. They were created because normal sugar beets kept dying due to the herbicides that were sprayed over the crops. Monsanto noticed the plants that were more resistant to herbicide poisoning and mixed their genes with the Sugar Beets.
The pros for the GMO Sugar Beets was that they could last longer before spoiling, herbicide poisoning wasn't common for the Beets, and they were bug resistant. The cons were that they didn't taste as good, they weren't as healthy as a normal Sugar Beet, and they were harder to bite into.
I believe that GMOs are a good thing that should be allowed to continue. They help more than they hurt,especially because whatever they can hurt is fixable. They also provide more food, which could stop world hunger. They could also cause an evolution within our bodies that makes us healthier.
Overall, GMOs may have a few kinks that need to be worked out, but they help more that hurt.
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Logan Carter


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