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Ebony thinks outside the box. Her fictional worlds reflect her ability to take facts, interpret them, and expand on the ideas to create something new and unusual.

After years of keeping stories in her head and only sharing them with her closest friends. Ebony was encouraged by her friends to write those stories down in December 2010. A month later Ebony completed her first draft novel.

Succumb: the first paranormal fiction novel in The Hierarch Series to be published 29th November 2017 by Inkitt GmbH

Within a year Ebony had drafted three novels of the Hierarch series and drafted several independant novels, of which, Best Man, was published in September 2013.

And her follow up paranormal romance novel, Spectra, was published in February 2017.

Spectra reached number 1 in 4 categories on day of release, made the movers and shakers list and sold over 1650 copies in the first month of release.

Since February 2017 Ebony has had three more books published, with another three to be published in early 2018.

Ebony's Black Mark Series published in 2017 by Inkitt GmbH.

Ebony enjoys making book covers and trailers for her works in progress as part of her creative outlet. She also makes videos of her cats playing which you can view on her YouTube channel. Just recently Ebony has branched into the world of vblogs.

A sample of some of Ebony's self-made cover designs.

Ebony’s writing is full of witty one liners, characters, and story lines that will stay with you long after you’ve put her book down.

Ebony writes for the joy of writing. She has a wicked imagination and hopes you enjoy it as much as she does.

Published in 2013, Best Man is a romance novella.

Reviews of Best Man

Completed in 2014. Spectra is the first book in the Angelis Series - a fantasy series. It won the Inkitt 'The Novelist' Publishing competition in December 2016 and has received over 100 reviews on Amazon over 50% of which are 5 stars.

It was published on 22nd February 2017

A Sample of Spectra Reviews

The Black Mark Series is a three book romance novel. Originally written as a single book, it was deemed too large and broken up into three books.

Book 1: Black Mark's Resistance, published on 23rd August 2017

Book 2: Black Mark's Secrets, published on 20th September 2017

Book 3: Black Mark's Heart published 4th October 2017

A Sample of Black Mark Reviews

Completed in 2010. Succumb is the first novel in The Hierarchy Series - a fantasy series.

Book 1: Succumb, published 29th November 2017

Book 2: Numinous, published tba.

Book 3: Masked, published tba.

The following books in Series.

Sample of Reviews for Succumb

Completed in 2016. Henderson in the first in The Hotel Series. A romance novella series staring the same protagonist in all three books. I have received great reviews from early readers.

Book 2: The Hotel Series was completed in January 2017
Book 3: The Hotel Series is in progress.

Completed in 2016. Sin's Child is a romance novel. It has received glowing reviews from early readers.

Completed in 2016. Boundary is a fantasy novel that has received good reviews from early readers.

Completed in 2016. Buried and Forgotten is a fantasy novel. It has received good reviews from early readers.

Completed in 2014. Praldia is the first novel in the Chaos Star Trilogy - a Sci-fi fantasy series.

Second book in series

Completed in 2014. Phased is the first novel in the Raven's Wing Trilogy - a fantasy series.

Book 2 is currently in progress.

Completed in 2014. Dioltas is the first novel in the Taibhse Series - a thriller romance series.

Book 2, Chrá, was finished in 2015.

Completed in 2016. Beauty and Rage is a paranormal romance novel.

Completed in 2015. Hit is the first novella in the Engage Trilogy - a thriller / romance.

Completed in 2017. Halos is a fantasy novel. It has received good reviews from early readers.

For more on Ebony, you can find her on the following links.

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