I am from San Francisco Kali Tagomori-Lai

I am from a city known for it's tourist attractions

Known best for our friend, Karl the Fog

the busy streets and high hills

a city with deep sunsets, and rich culture

a city engulfed by water, and two bridges that holds the city together

I am from San Francisco, the Golden City

I am adored by my two parents, creating a nontraditional family

I am from a small family gatherings,

with large traditions

and a big appetite for adventure


Created with images by Tim Foster - "Golden Gate bridge at golden hour" • Francisco Delgado - "Reflections | https://www.instagram.com/francistogram" • Olga Doganoc - "untitled image" • Brandon Nelson - "While visiting San Francisco, i thought an aerial view of this crazy street would look cool. Turned out to be an awesome shot!" • Jared Erondu - "Sleepy city at sunset" • Edgar Chaparro - "Golden G"