Danny Ferrell Remix By: CAROLINE cHAMBERS

Danny Ferrell is an american artist who studied at Rhode Island School of Design and Penn State. He has taught design classes at Carnegie Mellon and Rhode Island School of Design. 2014-2016 Rhode Island School of Design Graduate. He has earned many awards including the 2014 Creative Achievement Award, the 2013 Yale Norfolk Summer Art and Music Program Nominee and the 2010 Merit Award winner.

Photo 1: This artwork is done very well. It is a good color balance and he feet really stand out.

Photo 2: This artwork portrays a very stressed mood. The mellow colors really help portray the idea that the piece is suppose to stand out.

Photo 3: This piece portrays a dark and gloomy mood. The darkness of the night and the hands slipping away help defend the mood.

Photo 4: This piece is brighter than the others. Although the subject has a slightly depressed expression on his face the bright blue skies in the background help display a happy mood.

Photo 5: This photo creates a lost and forgotten mood. This old pair of socks is displayed as if it is looking out the window into the distance.

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