Kwesta ft Thabsie Ngiyaz'fela ngawe


The song Ngiyaz'fela ngawe, as the title describes is a love story. We do not mislead the audience with the visuals, as we represent the lyrics of the music through creative clean visuals captured on the RED dragon camera! In this music video, we will reference the movie 'the best man' as we see Kwesta waiting at the aisle for his beautiful bride. as she walks down covered by her veil, we see tears in Kwesta eyes as we keep cutting to moments and memories of the couple that lead to the day of their marriage.
The video begins as we see Kwesta waiting at the altar. flower girl walks in and leads his bride in with a bed of flowers on the floor
As the bride walks down the aisle, we cut to vishauls of their relationship from the beginning until now.
The memories of their relationship are both bad and good. from their first kiss, to their first fight. Its a collage of a painful, happy, but a beautiful relationship.
They finally meet and say their vows before we head to the reception party where the bride throws her bouquet, and everyone dances the night away in celebration to the new couple.


For the performances in the music video, we will set Thabsie up in the church as the lead vocalist in the choir, as well as her individual set up in the church. For Kwesta verses, we will see him in the narrative performing directly to his girl, as well as in Thabsie individual set up.

.....the End

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