Midterm Portfolio Octavious Turner


Client Work

On the project i used photo shop, what i did from the start is i had two of the same photo blew one of them up then put it in the background with a blur but with the photo on top i masked out the background. working with Zachary was very easy he gave me simple instruction like the picture then he told me to do what ever that looks good and that was very interesting, then when i showed him he really enjoyed what I've done. But i also took the logo from the data files and put it on his picture to make it known what school he went to.
Working with this client was very hard because the image her wanted was a moving image so to mask out the background took me the longest also another thing he wanted was to have his dream college. nut at this point i wanted to make it look great so i just used a special splatter brush that i got from the internet and started to put it all around but i do like the drop shadows so working for Pratt was not that hard he did not ask for that much to be done but i like what i did also i used photo shop.
What I did here was a football poster for another High School football team. In the beginning I stared this project on the program called Adobe photo shop. this project was difficult with the picture they wanted me to use and the sayings and bible verse. I learned from this is it has to be what you want and also the client. this was pretty hard because it took time and the time I had it to be done is what made it hard but overall I like what I did.

My Designs

I used Photoshop for this project i really liked what i did here it took a lot of time but it was very interesting what i did was get four different jumping movements of Mario and change his color with changing it to color blending which came out very cool then i just started to take individual picture from the game Mario and kept changing the colors but trying to get it to look real and the movements was very hard to align with trying to make a quick fade looking like he did that jump in one move.
My project called inner city was created on Photoshop at first this project was hard because i was doing this out of the book and since it was a older version i had to try to find things on my own so when i put the city inside her head it made me think for the people so i started to put we the people like its a tattoo showing the people. but i got a lot of help on this because it wasn't just a regular mask because i needed to bring out some of the strings of her hair to pop out to look real and nice. doing this project was different but i enjoyed learning the new steps on how to revel the little things. :)
What I did here was a football picture of myself I use the program Photoshop. how I started this project was interesting because I had to go out my way and find free brushes trying to see what kind of effects I would like so what I did here was had a copy of this picture behind it and put a mask on it and with the brush I found which was smoke I reviled the copy with the mask on it to come behind the picture to make it look like its going into the air. I learned a lot more about a mask and how to use it.
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