Bullying In Sight Bullying through the victims eye

It was a normal day; school per usual. Today was the day that my art project was due in, weeks of preparation, weeks of drawing, weeks of waking up at 5 am to get more done before school. My mum had dropped me off outside the school gates so that I wouldn't have to carry a folder nearly twice the size of me. Walking through the art doors I felt that a massive wave had come and hit me although, it wasn't a wave of water, it wave of abuse. It was as if everyone had turned around, everywhere I looked faces where staring at me. I pushed through the crowd as fast as I could reaching for the art door handle. I really didn't want to continue like this, I don't even get why it is happening, why me?

It was half way through art, my teacher was at her desk taping away on her computer sending numerous of emails organising new trips away to get us inspired for our new project. I was sketching some fruit practising observational skills when I noticed little bits of paper flying across the room hitting my piece of work. I really didn't want to open the notes, thinking that someone had spent the time writing disgusting, horrible messages to me I decided that I shouldn't open them and instead go and put them into the bin.

Being different to others, well 'normal' people, affects that way that they treat me. Growing up, I didn't have the childhood that mainly every person would experience. Instead week after week I was stuck in hospital, having operations here and there; doctors trying to fit them all in. When I was only about 11 years old I was in a severe car crash, damaging a lot of my organs and amputating one of my legs. I find it hard sometimes although, my prosthetic leg really helps and lets me try and do everyday life stuff. At first when I got told that one of my legs, my right one, will have to be amputated it was the worst news I had ever been given, or so I though. Later that day, my whole family in hospital, my Nan came slowly towards my bed through the doors. She was the colour of a ghost barely being able to walk; which I could only think it was the reason because we had all been in a crash that she was shocked which stopped her from being able to corporate and walk. She came and sat next to me on the bed, I don't remember exactly everything that she said but I remember the words 'Your Father has sadly passed away'. After, I remember feeling physically sick that I didn't want to live anymore, that I had just lost one of the most inspirational man in my life and that there wasn't any point with me living, having operation after operation, my life didn't seem worth living.

It was a hard time in my life, so my mum and I decided to move away to try and get a new fresh start. We didn't move that far away but enough to never drive along the road that our lives changed. Moving school, I felt that I had a better chance making new friends, although, it was probably the worst decision we could of ever made. My mum had got a job and shes loves it and always talks to me about that it was the best thing she has even done and that she never wants to leave it. That is why it is so hard trying to tell her that i'm not happy here anymore and that I hate the new school which she thought was going to be the best thing for me.

Are you in the same situation? Speak up or use these websites to help you, https://www.stopbullying.gov/

As things felt like they were getting better, it got worse. People tried to trip me up whilst I walked down the corridor; feet were interlocked with each other and faces staring down at me. It was horrible I wanted to move. I needed to tell my mum even if it was going to upset her, I couldn't go on like this any longer. I decided that when I got home I would tell her.

Here I am writing this, sitting at my kitchen table in our new house. Moving schools again was a challenge but now it couldn't get any better! I still get weird looks, but not any where near the ones that people used to give me at my old school. I feel like I can finally fit, that all my friends see me as a 'normal' person as if I was no different to them. Being even further away from where I originally grew up with my mum and dad makes me feel quite sad to some extent although, I know it is for the best. I feel that I have left my dad behind and it is all down to those horrible people who, now when I look back at it, had ruled my life and I let them.

If anyone ever says a word to me now I just forget about it, and tell my mum. She writes it down and then it goes to my head of year and then it is sorted out. Sometimes, I just wish that nothing gets done as then it will stop happening. Anyway, the most important message that I want to give out is that to never take whatever people tell you seriously; if they have never walked in your shoes. For instance, no one knew that I had lost my dad and therefore they only picked on me because of my leg.That you never know what people have been through throughout their life and it could be 10 times worse than yours. Therefore you should never judge someone by their looks and if someone does tell you something get it sorted out quickly and remember you are you for a reason!

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