Should People Be Allowed To Carry Guns? By: Tyson white

President Obama stated on October 1st "We know that states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths. So the notion that gun laws don’t work, or just will make it harder for law-abiding citizens and criminals [to] still get their guns is not borne out by the evidence." This Factual quote from President Obama says that states with stricter gun laws usually have fewer gun related deaths. He isn't saying these states don't allow guns just they have more restrictions on how you can use weapons and the screening process to obtain one. People believe that is truly possible to get rid of all guns and that it would lower the murder rate.

This shows that after guns were allowed to be carried violent crime drop a staggering 8%. Criminologists say it is likely to be attacked if the attacker thinks there is a possibility of the victim being able to defend themselves. If a criminal tendencies cost outweighs the benefit then eventually people will give up their law breaking activities.

America has 260 million guns, some 60 million of which are handguns. If by some miracle America did get rid of all guns according to as criminologists Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins` the crime rate would not drop. He says that America is inherently violent and banning a certain type of weapon will just cause people to use a different kinds of weapons to get the same effect. It is argued that gun control is pointless, that only the law abiding citizens would give up their weapons and criminals would not. Which is the whole reason law abiding citizens want to have guns. If criminal forces have weapons to attack the innocent then the innocent should have something to defend against the criminal forces.

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