Shit i've done do i need a subtitle? Who knows

I've been to quite a few crazy places, met some awesome people and spent a FUCK LOAD of money. Here is just some of the things I’ve managed to capture I’m usually way too drunk to take pictures. More to come as and when something interesting happens.


Things you should know:

  • It's expensive as FUCK
  • You best like fish.
  • Waterfalls are SIIICK
  • Some people give out free soup
  • The Northern Lights are FUCKING AWESOME

I got a shit carema soz.

Here is what they are supposed to look like:

This is called 'The Sun Voyager' it can be found in Reykjavik. I like to think that Techno Viking sails on this. If you don't know who he is click below.

I have to write something on every picture? Jesus... This is the Gullfoss waterfalls they are pretty sick! If you want to visit here is a link to their site. Thank me later.


In winter Iceland is pretty cold. Ice all over your caves and stuff. For anyone who likes ice and wants to learn more for some weird reason. Fill your boots.

NNot going to lie I have no idea what this mountain is... It’s big and covered in snow. GENERIC MOUNTAIN!

Locally known as Reynisfjara shore the black sand beach was fucking shit hot! I even took some home with me. It's still in my coat pocket not sure what to do with sand...

New York

Things you should know:

  • It's very vertical
  • Taxi's will kill you they don't give a fuck
  • The Pigeons can and will mug you.
  • Shitty rap mixtapes are very easy to find

We went on a boat ride! We saw all the bridges and it was dark on the way back. Keep scrolling to see that shit.

Look at her face so happy! Is this getting boring yet? I'm not sure if you are still here well done I admire your commitment!

No idea what this place is but its hard to tell when the building stops!

As promised night time boat ride! So many lights! 

Empire State Building! Pretty cool well high up and cold as fuck. No snow though! BARE WIND.

I MADE A FUCKING PENGUIN FRIEND. Rupert was cool as shit he giggled as I rubbed the glass. Sadie wouldn't let me take him home. MEAN!


I'd write a things you should know bit this was pure alcohol abuse so I don't remember. Enjoy!

The Isle of Wight

Halloween. Weird place to spend it I don't remember this picture being taken or any of the others so not much to say here.


Mini trip with Sadie! Crazy rocks and shit yo.

I wanted to climb to the top. I wasn't allowed :(

This was our accommodation for the night. SICK I know right. It had a bed and a chair inside. Yes of course we fucked in it.



Things you should know:

  • Malta is 90% rocks
  • They do a bacon double chee at McDonnald's
  • Strongbow comes in bottles
  • Cats everywhere
  • Cheap as tits

See rocks! I told you! 

Some kind of city, not sure what one i'll update after some research.


Shit was mental yo. Not many photo's i was ballbagged soz.


Things you should know:

  • All Police have guns
  • Turrets on the streets
  • SAND
  • Everyone is well nice
  • Big mountains

Some shit went down with the back window apprently. No idea...

We had a towl dude! He made cool shit. She's just weird.

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