the mystery at lilac inn Grace raby

Fever 1793 - Sample

Matilda (Little Mattie) woke up this morning an a hot August day. She woke up to a combination of noise from her mother and a mosquito. Silas, her cat, caught a mouse and she threw it out of the window to get rid of it. Her family owns a coffee house, and the cook, Eliza, made her oatmeal with sugar for breakfast. Then, her mom went out, Mattie worked in the garden. When her mom returned, Mattie learned that Polly was dead. Mattie lives with her mother and grandfather only.

How does the author reveal the protagonist and antagonist within the reading selection?

The author revealed the protagonist and antagonist in this reading selection both through narration and dialogue. I know Mattie is the protagonist because the story is told in first person, from her perspective. I know that her mom is the antagonist of this section because Mattie talks about the tension and differences between the two of them. one example of when she talks about how annoyed she is that her mom is always talking about how things were different when she was a child. I don't believe that her mom will remain the primary antagonist through the whole book, she just is in this section.

march 6th

Nancy Drew and her friend Helen were paddling to Lilac Inn and there boat flipped. Their was no one to be found that did it and a log did not bump it because they would have seen it floating in the water. The got to the inn and their friends greeted them as they walked in. It looked like it was made in Revolutionary times. There friend was acting very strange and different.

What unanswered questions do you still have after reading this selection? Why are these unanswered questions important?

Some unanswered questions I have are like, Why were the two girls fighting about the money? Why is there friend so worried all time ? Why does the social director so mean and grumpy? These questions are so important because they would really open up the story. Also open up more possibilities about what is happening at the inn.

march 8th

In the story the girls just walked in the hall waiting for there aunt. Emily there friend just told them there aunt will be a while an they can wait in her office. They found there aunt and they just heard a scream come from the garden. They went out to the garden and found the gardener in a hole calling for help. They don't know how that hole got there. Emily is telling them about the other strange events that are happening at the inn.

Does a character in this reading selection behave in an expected or unexpected way? Explain your answer.

In this reading selection a character is acting in an unexpected way and the character is a social concealer. It does not make sense at all that she acts so mean.She is a social concealer isn't she apposed to be nice and social. I don't know why they hired her at the inn. This is really unexpected that this would happen.

march 9th

There friend is showing them right were all the things happened. They are trying all the possibility's that could have happened. Then the heard a cry come from the garden but when they went out nothing was there. They think it was a prank because they couldn't see anything in the water. then the social concealer was acting all nice about how Nancy was in the magazine. Then Nancy got a call in the morning from her house keeper and she said someone broke in. Then Nancy heard a click come from the hone like they were on the line to.

Who would you recommend this reading to? Why do you think he/she would like it?

I would recommend this book to Kasey because she is into ghost books and mystery books. She also looks interested in how there is like so many odd things going on. Also she likes books with cliff hangers and this book has a lot in it. This also is a book that test your brain and I see her reading a lot of those. This is why I would recommend this book to Kasey.

March 10th

Nancy and them are eating breakfast and she is getting ready to head back home with Mrs. Willoughby. The social concealer just invited her self along. The both where really getting mad about her coming and what she is a saying about Nancy's father. When Mrs. Willoughby dropped Nancy of she saw the social concealer go into the store across the street. When she walked in the housekeeper was very happy to see her and she said nothing was stolen. Then Nancy got a call about a mistaken price about a watch that she didn't buy. Then she had to check her charge account number then she found out that it was stolen. The manager did not believe Nancy and said that she had to owe 2000 dollars.

What connections can you make to this reading selection to another story or text?

The book I will be making connections with is the Secret of Unfortunate Events. They both have weird events that happen to them. Like how that gardener fell into that hole or how Nancy has to 2000 dollars for something that she didn't do. Weird things happen in the other book to but those are the connections they have. So this is why I picked the Secret of Unfortunate Events to make connections with The Mystery at Lilac Inn.

march 13th

The manager does not believe her and thinks Nancy her self made those purchases. She thinks someone is impersonating her. Nancy is trying to convince the manager that she did not buy those items and that she couldn't because this is the first time she has been in the store all day. Then Mr. Goldsmith (the manager) brought in three young women claiming that she had shopped at these parts of the store. The women said that they had recognized her as Nancy Drew. Then Chief McGinnis entered the room stating that he was helping Mrs. Drew from what happened at the house. They were thinking that she could have practiced the signature on the charge plate. Then after that Nancy raced over to the agency and asked if they had a special waitress on the list and then she left. She wondered what her friend was doing in there. Nancy called her father and told him everything that happened .Then Nancy was heading back to Lilac Inn but the car was forced into a ditch.

What details do you think should have been included in this reading passage? Explain your answer

Some details that I would include is like where did that social concealer after she walked into the agency. Also I would include why the social concealer went with them. Who is the person that is impersonating Nancy that would really show a lot.These would really open up the story and tell more clues about what is happening. These would be all the details that I would include in the story.

march 14th

The convertible leaned precariously, it's front wheels in the ditch. Nancy was thinking that the driver should have his license revoked. Nancy was trying to rock the car back in forth to gain momentum. This did not work and it made the car sink more. Then this officer came and said if she needed help and he got her car out of the ditch. When Nancy got at Lilac Inn she went straight to the patio. Mrs. Willoughby was very happy to see Nancy and said that she was just in time for supper. Everyone was asking questions about Nancy. Emily was really mad at Maud (the social counselor) because she went and got a waitress without asking her if it as OK. Nancy was asking why Maud got hired in the first place and Emily said that Aunt Hazel asked her us to. Emily told Nancy that she was getting a festive dinner because Emily's aunt was celebrating Emily getting her diamonds. Then this young man got up and left. Then this waitress came for an interview after the girls got dressed for the festive dinner. Maud was excited that Emily picked her choice of waitress then they went back to a small private dinning room for supper. Then everyone sang happy birthday. Emily opened her jewels and everyone was amazed about how beautiful they are. Then all of a sudden the lights turned of. They think one of the main circuits blew out. Then Emily yelled that her diamonds were gone.

How does this reading selection compare to popular stories and genres of today?

There are a lot of famous ghost stories and there are a lot famous and burglar stories that had happened. Some famous ghost stories are like The Bell Witch, The Berini Haunting, The Tower of London, and many more. Some famous burglar stories are like cat burglars or just in famous movies. So this is a connection how that there are a lot of strange things happening. This is why I compared it to my book.

march 15th

Emily just told her aunt to go lay down in her room because she fainted when she found out that Emily's diamonds were gone. They want to keep this to themselves and they found out that the thief did not go out the window. Nancy was investigating and asking people if they saw someone in the main dinning room. Nancy had to lie to the people hat she was asking and Maud got upset because she thought Nancy was accusing her of stealing the diamonds. Nancy found lilac buds in the room and tapped the wall until this panel suddenly slid aside noiselessly. No one has ever seen this room before and it wasn't on the floor plan.They think the thief was hiding here. Mrs. Willoughby said that she dreamed that the spot was here. Nancy hit a lever and it opened up to the lobby's closet. the thief wanted them to think it was a women that did that. Mr. Daly (the person who used to own Lilac Inn) said that he never knew about the secret closet in the inn. They don't want to tell any one because they might not want to come to Lilac Inn.

How does gender affect this reading selection? How might male and female readers perceive this reading selection differently?

It effects it because boys might not want to read about a girl detective. Girls might feel different about this opinion because they might be into it or not. Boys might think it is lame to read something like or not but the have a different opinion. Girls would most likely want to read this book in their opinion. This is why gender would affect this reading.

march 16th

Mrs. Willoughby said that they had no insurance because she thought the jewels would be safe in the bank vault and she let the insurance policy lapse. Everyone was stunned and tears came from Emily's eyes. Helen (Nancy's friend) came up with

What repeated or recurring elements did you observe in this reading selection?

march 20th

What examples of conflict can you find within this reading selection (e.g conflict between characters, internal conflicts, etc.)

march 22nd

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