Team Omega Ancient Egypt Museum Night 2017

The Entrance into our museum. Guarded by Anubis and Horus.
This Egyptian jewelry looked so authentic that even Hatshepsut would have worn it.
These are replicas of traditional Egyptian Death Masks.
Some students chose to make traditional Ancient Egyptian recipes. There were several types of delicious cos coos, honey flavored deserts, and pastries.
The Nile River was the lifeline of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian farmers would build Shaduf's, similar to this life-size model, to transport water from the Nile to their farm fields.
The Ancient Egyptians even had board games that would be very similar to games that we still play today.
Did you know that Egyptian's created the first form of paper? They called it "Papyrus". These students re-made papyrus using the same ancient technique, but with modern materials.
A student explaining Canopic Jars to a museum guest. I wonder if he told him what the Egyptian's kept inside of them?
Among the artifacts was a recreation of the famous Rosetta Stone. We would still not know how to translate hieroglyphics to this day, if it were not for its discovery in 1799.
More Canopic Jars.
This was a fusion of the ancient world and modern one. Some students created actual holograms of the Egyptian gods using plastic pyramids they made in tech-ed and an iPad. This was a treat for all of the guests.
Ancient Egyptian's had a very strong belief in the afterlife. "Book of the Dead" scrolls have given historians insight into what Egyptians believed happened to their "ka" (soul) after death. Several students spent hours to recreate Ani's Book of the Dead. Their work was incredibly detailed even down to the hieroglyphics.
An amazing full size Sarcophagus. I hope there is not a real mummy inside!!!
Another Sarcophagus, just scaled down a bit. Look at the amount of detail this student put into the painting.
An Obelisk was a famous monument type used by the Pharaoh Hatshesut. It is still a popular monument style today. Can you guess which famous American monument is an Obelisk?
It's okay everybody. It may look like a real mummy, but it's not. At least I hope it's not...
Everyone knows about the Egyptian Pyramids, but did you know they were actually tombs for the pharaoh's and their families. This replica of Khufu's great pyramid is actually made of Lego's and covered with homemade play-dough.
Looks like this little guy is working hard to get water from his Shaduf.
Somebody is having fun.
A family portrait with Anubis.


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