Grammar Study Guide By: Montse werner

Passive Voice:

  • Types of are + a verb
  • Subject is the receiver of the verb
  • Examples:
  1. The Christmas tree was decorated by them.
  2. They were being helped decorated the tree by Evan.

Active Voice:

  • Just a verb
  • Subject was the doer of the verb
  • Examples:
  1. They decorated the Christmas tree.
  2. Evan helped decorate the tree.

Progressive Tense

  • Be + Present Participle
  • Forms of Be: Am, Is, Are, Was, Were, & Will be
  • Past Progressive: Was & Were
  • Present Progressive: Is, Are, & Am
  • Future Progressive: Will be
  • Examples:
  1. She was wrapping the gift.
  2. They were buying wrapping paper.
  3. He will be putting the present under the tree.

Perfect Tense

  • Have + Past Participle
  • Forms of Have: Have, Had, Has, & Will have
  • Past Perfect: Had
  • Present Perfect: Have & Has
  • Future Perfect: Will have
  • Examples:
  1. She had wrapped the gifts the night before.
  2. They have bought the wrapping paper.
  3. He will have put the gifts under the tree by the time we leave.


  • Expresses wish, desire, contrary-to-fact, demand, or recommendation
  • Key Words: If, Whether, Should/Would, Suggest/Recommend, That, or Wish/Desire
  • Trumps all other moods
  • Examples:
  1. I must insist that you put up the Christmas lights.
  2. I wish that someone would put up the Christmas lights.
  3. I suggest you shovel the snow tomorrow.


  • Expresses a fact or a question
  • Keys: Question marks or a fact
  • Examples:
  1. Who put up the the Christmas lights?
  2. I will put up the Christmas lights.


  • Expresses a command
  • Key: Command
  • Examples:
  1. Put up those Christmas lights.
  2. Shovel the snow.


  • Expresses a special force to simple present or past verb (Do + Verb)
  • Key Words: Do, Does, or Did
  • Examples:
  1. I do like the new Christmas lights.
  2. I did shovel the snow.


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