Samurai Lizanette De Los Santos period 6

The Rise of a Military Society

Japan became a military society

Japan became a military society because when the emperors lost their power, Shogun and Daimyos took over and Japan became a military society.

The shogun, daimyo, and samurai structure and the loyalties were involved

The daimyo, shogun, and samurai were loyal to the structures that were involved because when the daimyo's were loyal they got land and money for being loyal to others.

Samurai armor, weapons and fighting

Describing Armor and weapons

Their armor and weapons were mostly katanas and bows and arrows and swords too. Later on, they started to invent guns, so they had to go and learn how to use the gun and how to shot it. Japanese's armor was heavy metal, but it was flexible enough so the warriors can move easily. Samurai's also wore a colorful robe called kimono and baggy trousers.

DescRibing their miliTary training and fighting styles

The Japanese had a unique style of battling. They knew fencing, or swordsmanship because it was mandatory. Samurai's also had to know how to shoot accurately. They had to learn how to ride a horse and shoot at their enemies at the same time.

Samurai's armor

Samurai training and the Warrior code (bushido and other values)

How did someone become a samurai? What were the stages?

Mostly anyone can become a samurai, they just had to be prepared on when they are going to be attacked. They had to be trained to have pain or suffer and they didn't have to eat to much because they spent most of their time battling. There are no stages to be a samurai, they only have to be trained and be prepared when they sense that they are going to be attacked.

What were they trained to do physicallY and mentally?

They were trained feel pain and suffer so they will know what it will feel like when they are fighting. Samurai's also had to be trained to not be afraid when they are going to die or not. They were trained to be self controlled and to be prepared anytime.

What is bushidO?

Bushido is the code of honor and a message that is developed by the Japanese samurai.

What other values/ideals/customs do samurai live by?

Other values samurai's live by is by the warrior code. Samurai's lives by the samurai code because it had to end in 1868 but there last time using it was in 1940.

SeppUku (ritual suicide)

The seppuku was when you failed to live up to the code of Bushido was seppuku or the ritual suicide. There were many ways to be in a seppuku, including personal honor and avoiding capture in battle.

Training in wRitIng, literature and tea ceremony

Writing, literature, and tea was also something that people had to train. Students were expected to be fierce warriors. Samurai's also practiced calligraphy and writing beautiful. Samurai's also had to study about the tea ceremony and having tea meant clam and peace.

Spiritual training

There were two popular types of spiritual training and that was Amida and Zen. Samurai who believed in Zen Buddhism liked simple gardens to meditate in, and helped people become more disciplined. Amida was an Indian prince.

Woman in samurai society

How did the role of woman in samurai society change?

It changed because before it was declined that woman can become a samurai. It also changed because samurai woman were treated as a low rank to their husbands.

Samurai woman

What was life liKe in the 12Th century?

Life was like when samurai woman enjoyed a fair status between the man and woman. Once the warrior husband died the woman samurai became incharge and they were considered to be braver and loyal.

What was life like in the 17th century?

In the 17th century it was like when samurai men did not respect their wife's and since the warrior culture developed woman's positions were weak and then no one respected women. Peasant woman had a little more respect because they worked alongside. Samurai families were under the boys control, if the husband died then the boy in the family controlled the mother.

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