In Brampton and all across Canada we have the capability to save the world from our overconsumption of fossil fuels and help stabilize the environment. We just need to take action in our communities to make them Eco friendly and efficient. That is why we have decided to redesign Brampton for the best of the future and maximize resources.


Its the future, there are many new ways to deal with waste than just throwing it in a dump and never touching it again. These new ways will hire more people and keep a healthy environment:)

All of us could help to reduce waste such as re-using, recycling and recovering. But there are also new and efficient ways of managing waste, such as using waste as a resource and not something to fill spaces of our land with, For example in Edmonton they have been taking apart old TVs that every one used to be going crazy for, so they take them and take things they can reuse such as the led they have in them. In Brampton we will also be using these efficient ways of managing garbage, another way we will be reusing it is taking the paper and plastics and chop them up and use them for bio fuels! A strategy as simple as that can save us land, create more jobs nd reduce fossil fuels into our atmosphere, which also mean reducing climate change and a whole lot more of problem that could happen if we went going to do this. Making soil out of waste as well creates jobs and reduces emissions and you can get something out of it.


There are new ways to grow food in the local area of the city of Brampton, without having to ship it in from the countryside as well as not taking up any space. Having green houses on top of buildings that are not in use on the top.

These green houses allow cities to grow a portion of the crops they bring in from the countryside, right there locally in their city! This makes jobs for several people and there are many volunteer opportunities. As well as selling the food to local people we well also donate it. To grow plants effectively you need soil with lots of nutrients, but hydroponics gives the plants what they need in order to grow healthy and effectively. Hydroponics is a way to grow plants without soil, the nutrients in hydroponics comes from the original nutrients (natural) as well as different nutrients such as fish waste.


Renewable energy is the future! Fossil fuels may be cheaper but we will eventually run out because fossil fuels are non-renewable. With renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy we can reduce fossil fuels and in the long run we will save money by using these renewable energy sources.

SOLAR ENERGY- A re-useable energy source such as Solar panels in Brampton can cost up to $20,000-40,000 dollars to get them installed at your home or 12.2 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour), when you buy solar panels you pay tax, but you can apply to get the tax money you paid back. Solar panels work by the protons (light, come from the sun), separating the electrons from the atoms, which accomplishes the energy move. How can we use Solar Panels in Brampton? We could install solar panels on roofs of buildings, homes and places that receive lots of sun, the more sun the hits a cell the more electricity it can produce.

WIND POWER- Wind turbines move by the wind pushing the propellers (usually two or three propellers) and those propellers spin around the rotor, the rotor is joined with the main shaft. The main shaft turns the generator and that produces electricity. In Ontario 4% of our energy is from wind, but it charges us 20% of our electrical bill. 13.5 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour) is what Ontario's fee is for wind energy. Cities don't have much room for things like wind turbines but there is ways of installing smaller wind turbines on the roofs of homes, buildings, hospitals or schools. The most efficient way of an alternative energy source, so we definitely will be using them in the new Downtown Brampton.

HYDRO ELECTRICITY- Hydroelectric power projects often require diversion of waterways, & flooding of land in natural areas.

  • During high-peak costs 18 cents per kWh
  • During mid-peak costs 13.2 cents per kWh
  • During off peak hours 8.7 cents per kWh
These are the times of peaks of Ontario


It is important to know where the water you drink, cook with and use for many other things comes from. The new system we will be building in Brampton is very new, efficient and sustainable! The new system will be going in a green space such as a park and near a body of water, in this case we will be working in Eldorado to park near the Credit River. This system works by taking in storm and lake water and puts it threw piping and open lawn, threw wet wells and the water flows through UV lights to clean the bacteria out of the water and UV lights are also the best way to clean bacteria out of water! Then the water gets brought up to the raise pools to get day lighted as well as going threw further bio filtration. After these processes are done the water is realised back into the credit river. This is a healthy system for the river to have, this system is proven to replenish the pervious species and bring new ones to the body of water as well, it improves the water quality, people love to be around water and these are the sources we get our water from, so this plan will be a big investment but as well as a huge benefit. This water system is also a park where residents can walk their dog or bring there kids to see, as well there will be forest trails and flat land to bring your dog and kids.

water system is Toronto


Air pollution

Air pollution is a big problem in Brampton and cars are the culprit. It has extreme affects on local ecosystems and the health of its residents. It has also been found to have negative affects on kids and the elderly causing asthma and many respiratory issues.

exhaust coming from a transit bus

There are many ways we can make this problem disappear like using electric cars and/or public transportation. We can set up electric car charging stations all around Brampton to promote having an electric car. This will help many who have electric cars to use them and/or invest in an eco-friendly vehicle. Also, we will change the public transportation to electric instead of having it run of fossil fuels. One single diesel bus releases 40 toxic chemicals, and when exposed to these chemicals it cause asthma attacks, lung cancer, heart attacks, stroke and even premature death. we have In Brampton approximately 407 buses travelling on 65 different routes every day. Doing this will help decrease the amount of air pollution that is causing problems with the health of people living in Brampton.


The definition of urban sprawl is the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas. This is a problem in Brampton because many people are moving here from other countries or cities because housing is not very expensive and it is not far from a major city (Toronto). The more people that come to live in Brampton the more infrastructure is needed to allow the amount of people. This means building outwards. If we continue to build houses and work places we won't have any space to balance the amount of green spaces with houses. We could encourage the architects to build up instead of outwards. This would stop new residents from taking up farm land and any areas that don't have height populations. The more we grow outwards the more habitats we are breaking off into small parts that are not big enough to conserve and have species thrive in nature. We as well will include many green spaces in the city, to level the development over all the green spaces out.

Building up


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