Keta,Ghana Josie Thomas

My new residence at Togbui James Ocloo's home.
The Community...
Enjoying coconuts at Scoops, a favorite local place to hang out.
A local fisherman at the junction of Kedzi Mission.
Neighboring streets around my home.
Fort Prinzenstein...
A Danish fort established in the 1700's. It played a significant role in the international slave trade until the 1800's. Only a small portion of the original structure remains standing this day.
The Market...
The market is a gathering place for buyers and sellers as well as community meetings.
All are welcome at the market!
Emancipation Road...
My work family!!!
First community outreach.
Community health visits with the Kedzi pubic health nurses.
The Beach...
I loved spending time at the beach, it was my favorite place to relax and spend time with my host family.
The city of Keta has been slowly disappearing into the ocean for several years. The large rocks were placed on the shore to mitigate further coastal erosion.
A small glimpse of the coastline.
Fantastic day on the boat and tour of coastal communities!
Traditional kente weaving and coconut enjoyment!
A quick weekend getaway to neighboring Togo. We shopped and enjoyed an excellent African/French dinner in Lome.
A tour of the local lighthouse on my last day in Keta.
Day to day...
Language lessons, laundry, and family were part of everyday life.
Goodbyes and driving in Accra are never easy...
Mission accomplished!
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Josie Thomas


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