Greensburg Salem High School Art Exhibition featuring the work of seven AP Art students

Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, The Westmoreland extending its temporary closure and Greensburg Salem High School extending its remote learning until January 26, the high school art exhibit that is usually held in person in the Museum's Community Room was cancelled. To provide a platform for these wonderful art students to showcase their work, we are now offering this virtual version of Greensburg Salem High School's Art Exhibition. The students are featured in alphabetical order and their works can be viewed larger by clicking on them! We hope you enjoy!

Gregory Arentzen

"Everyone usually wants a unison in their work. But that turns out to be something that will cause a loss of interest over time just like any other material thing. Its bought, broken, then thrown away. That’s why nothing here is unison. Instead of taking this statement as an accounting for everything take it as a generalization of facts. Something completely different was on my mind every time a piece was made. That will be clearly obvious in some pieces more than others. Telling a viewer what to think is boring. So, go ahead make your own conclusions." - Gregory Arentzen

Far Left: Artist Gregory Arentzen Middle Left: Agony, Prismacolor colored pencil. Middle Right: Stallion, Software Used: Autodesk Sketchbook. Far Right: Displacement, Software: Used Autodesk Sketchbook.

Kaylee Joseph

"The people, words, and locations I see in media are what mainly guide my inspiration. I tend to find specific things like that fascinating and compelling, and I like to convey that significance in my work. I’m currently in 11th grade at Greensburg Salem High School, and in the future I want to pursue art!" - Kaylee Joseph

Top Left: Houses, Acrylic paint. Top Middle: 2D, Acrylic paint and marker. Top Right: Joker, Colored pencil and marker. Middle Left: Valid, Colored pencil. Middle: Cutouts, Colored pencil. Middle Right: Hallway, Pencil. Bottom Left: Kept, Colored pencil, marker. Bottom Right: Self Portrait, Pencil.

Colleen King

“ 'Don’t cry over spilled milk.' To this day I still get teary eyed over small things like spilled milk. However, now I have learned to embrace this part of my personality. My goal was to create a sustained investigation or body of work that showed how those emotions feel. To take what I feel so much of and let them pour onto the canvas. I begin each piece with a starting layer of gouache paint and build off of that layer with whatever I feel the painting needs, colored pencils, sometimes markers. Stacking imagery that conveys those emotions on top of my first layer until I’m satisfied. Post graduation, I hope to attend an art school. I love storytelling and illustration and have several webcomics. I hope in the future to be a full time comic artist." - Colleen King

Top Left: Artist Colleen King Top Right: Self pride vs self pity, Gouache paint. Middle Left: Every story is a love story, Gouache paint, alcohol based markers, and colored pencils. Middle Top Right: Excluded, Gouache paint and colored pencil. Middle Bottom: Anger lays behind the eyes, Gouache paint, colored pencils, alcohol based markers. Bottom Left: Fathers love, Alcohol based markers. Bottom Middle: Ballad of the angry and anxious, Gouache paint and colored pencils. Bottom Right: Recovery, Gouache paint.

Eileen Long

"People have always interested me; humans are such complex beings with elaborate emotions and perceptions. There are numerous factors that influence people’s perceptions, especially how they see themselves. I wanted to explore this idea by photographing people and creating art based on the photograph, the person in it, and their interpretation of themselves. In most of my work, I use charcoal, pastels, and printmaking materials. I will continue to experiment with this idea in my art, and I know I will continue making art in the future, but I am not exactly sure what my plans are post-graduation." - Eileen Long

Top Left: Artist Eileen Long Top Middle Left: Magnify, Charcoal and colored pencil. Top Middle Right: Reminiscent, Charcoal, pastel, ink, and block print. Top Right: Contemplation, Charcoal, pastel, ink, and block print. Middle Left: Eye of the Beholder, Charcoal, paint, colored pencil, and block printing. Middle Right: Rosy Hue, Charcoal, pastels, colored pencil, and block print. Bottom Left: Reflect, Pencil. Bottom Right: Musing, Charcoal.

Alexis Marx

"I am a senior at Greenburg-Salem High school, and I am in AP Art this semester. My concentration focuses on the effects mental health can have on someone, especially relating to current events and self-identities. It focuses on the portrayal of seeing mental illness through a third-person lens to try and show the difference between viewing and experiencing mental illness." - Alexis Marx

Top Left: Relax, Acrylic paint. Top Middle: Disapproval, Watercolor and acrylic paint. Top Right: Isolation, Acrylic paint. Bottom Left: Like the women before me, Acrylic paint. Bottom Right: Drowning, Acrylic paint and paper clippings.

Olivia Robl

I am a junior at Greensburg Salem High School. Throughout my sustained investigation, I was able to capture movement in both the body, mixed media materials, and the geometric shapes in the background. The mixed media materials attempt to show control of the dancers as if they were puppets. I do want the viewers of my piece to question the purpose of the string and why it’s placed the way it is. I want people to see my art as something symbolic. - Olivia Robl

Top Left: Artist Olivia Robl Top Middle Left: Leg Extension Backbend, watercolor, string, colored pencil, and mat board.Top Middle Right: Double Stag, String, watercolor, watercolor paper, white colored pencil, mat board. Top Right: Ariel Mirena, charcoal paper, charcoal, rope string. Bottom Left: Scorpion Handstand, acrylic paint, canvas, digital art. Bottom Right: Pointe shoes, digital art.

Mars Thomas

"My favorite musician, David Bowie, once sang 'Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.' My concentration is focused on the same concept of change in the form of metamorphosis. Via my concentration, I am asking how I can depict metamorphosis, whether it is my own or that of something else. I have figured out how to answer this using a medium I have been long comfortable with - makeup. I create intricate looks on my face, photograph them, and use an application to edit photos and/or drawings together. Thinking into the future, I’d like to continue my learning and creation of art; I’ve found a great passion in art that I believe I can stay dedicated to. I will be starting community college in the near future, and I plan on taking art classes there! Right now, I feel I am going through a metamorphosis of my own and will emerge with a greater understanding of myself." - Mars Thomas

Top Left: Artist Mars Thomas Top Middle: Decomposition, Mixed media (makeup, photography, colored pencils, paint, collage). Top Right: Flying, Mixed media (makeup, photography, collage). Middle: Retrospective, Mixed media (makeup, photography, paint). Bottom Left: Self Portrait, Mixed media (colored pencils, pastels, paint, collage). Bottom Right: Psychedelic, Mixed media (photography, colored pencil, collage).