Doug Plucker

Professional Background-

This year marks my 27th year in education. I spent my first 19 years teaching Health, Physical Education, Technology and History. While the majority of my teaching experience was at the secondary level, I have had the unique experience of teaching every grade K-12. My elementary experience was quite possibly the most impactful time I had as an educator and where I had my first leadership experience.

For the last 8 years, I have served as an Assistant Principal. I spent 3 years at Granite Falls High School and the last 5 years at Everett High School.

I am excited to get to know everyone and eager to learn more about AIM High School and the Parent Partnership Program.

“Me in a minute “

Teaching and learning during this school closure has been difficult to say the least. Our challenge is to look beyond the difficulties to see the opportunities for growth, innovation and opportunity. I look forward to the opportunities that await us together.

Doug Plucker

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Doug Plucker


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