Appreciation On Food done by Felicia, Geraldine, Alison

We should appreciate food as food is essential in our everyday lives. Animals such as pigs, cows and chicken die for us indirectly to provide us with food like pork, ham, bacon, chicken and beef. They also provide us with the nutrients that leads us to healthy lifestyle. Food is important for us as we need food in order grow in height etc. However, some countries have no food, hence we have to appreciate what food we have now.

The waffle is rumored to have been invented during the 18th century and, the ice-cream like food was first eaten in China in 618-97 AD. It is amazing as nobody could have thought that this western food, had first appeared in China.
Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. This snack is highly popular in Korea. There is a variety of different flavor to choose from,and it is always eaten with condensed milk poured on the Bingsu.
This plate contains a traditional chinese food called the ngoh hiang at the White Restaurant. It has a crispy wrapping and comprises meat. However, it takes more time as it is difficult to make.
Korean BBQ is well-loved by young and old. The most popular option is the Bulgogi as it is marinated before hand and the meat is tender and juicy. It is simple to grill it and can be enjoyed eating by wrapping vegetables over the meat.
"Ramen" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese 'lamian' .Originally from China, ramen or ramyeon in Korean, was brought to Japan over 100 years ago during the Meji era (1868 to 1912)
This shows a setting of a table of Hainanese chicken rice taken at a food store in Far East Plaza. Chicken rice is very popular in Singapore and is well-loved by Singaporeans.
Pizza get its start when peasants begins baking leftover, cover dough. It is also a common belief that pizza is made by the Italians. Pizza is now still a common food for people around the world.
llaollao was founded in 2009 and became a pioneer in selling frozen yogurt in Spain. Barely three years later, llaollao already had more than 100 shops and was the market leader for the sector it had created itself, the frozen yogurt sector.

In conclusion, we should learn to appreciate all the food we are having right now. The culture and the origin of the food, that is left behind are the reasons why now we get to enjoy almost all the delicious food.

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