Why I Love Canada BY: Shavneet dosanjh


There are many different people that live in Canada, different cultures. When Canada was found it was mainly the country of the British and French culture ("Culture Name: Orientation). In 1971 that Canada was the first country in the world to accept the multiculturalism as an official policy (“Canadian Multiculturalism: An Inclusive Citizenship”). Canada now has a positive attitude towards welcoming other various types of cultures into their country, to have diverse culture. Canada today has the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens than any other G8 (Group of eight) country. In Canada we have many different languages spoken, gender and religious beliefs. ("Diversity In Canada: An Overview"). About three quarters (74.5%) of the foreign- born population were able to communicate in more then one language. ("Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada").

In my opinion I think having a diverse country is very important. Having a diverse country means less racism, less hate towards each other and more peace. If we all respect one and another we can grow and all work together to improve on our country we live in. To me it is better to have many cultures in communities instead of only believing and accepting our own culture. We should all accept each other because that is what Canada is known for, for having a diverse and welcoming country towards others.

Tourist Attractions

In Canada there are many tourist places you may visit. Two of the top Tourist attractions are the CN Tower and Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland is Canada's Premier Amusement Park featuring over 200 attractions and 69 thrilling rides! At Canada's Wonderland not only are there rides, but they also host special events at the amusement park such as on Canada's Day. There would be fire works at night and many different activities being hosted. There are a variety of rides for teenagers, adults and younger children. In the summer the Splash Works is open, where you can relax and have fun in the water park ("Things to do: Canada's Premier Amusement Park"). The CN tower is one of the most common tourist attraction in Toronto, The CN tower represents the city of Toronto. The CN tower attractions include the Look Out, Glass Floor, Sky Pod, Edge Walk and High Speed Elevators ("CN Tower: Look Outs"). The CN Tower also includes three restaurants which are the 360 Restaurant, Horizons Restaurant and Le Café (CN Tower: Restaurants").

Canada's Wonderland
CN Tower

We have many tourist places to visit and knowing that we can visit any of these places around us is amazing. We get to experience new things and see how things around us are build.

Free Health Care

In Canada we should be thankful for free heath care. Canada's health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans that provides coverage to all Canadian citizens, within the guideline set by the federal government. Regardless of the political debate, Canada does have the highest life expectancies (about 80 years) and lowest infant morality rates of industrialized countries ("Canadian Health Care"). Some of the standard in the Canada Health Act are public administration comprehensiveness, universality, portability and accessibility ("Canada's health care system: Canada Health Act").

Free Health Care In Canada!

Canada having free health care for us Canadians is very lucky because in not all countries is there free health care or if there is health care you would have to pay a lot of money to get better or to get medicine. Even though sometimes we have to pay for medicine at least we are lucky enough to go to the doctors or maybe if needed you can go to the hospital without no cost. This is why one of the greatest things I love about Canada is for free health care.


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