My Grueling Adventure A Story for my dearing family

On the island of the Cicones, I lost men after men. I had told my men to stop feasting on the Cicones island, yet they did not listen to me. My men tried to fight back and make their way back to our ships. However, six benches were left empty in every ship. We had sailed away from death.
We then arrived to the coastline of the Lotus Eaters. The Lotus Eaters live upon the Lotus plant. I had sent two men and runner and they fell, soon enough, to the Lotus trap. They longed to stay forever, forgetting their homeland. I dragged all three of the wailing men back to the ships, tying them down and making sure they were secure.
My men and I, during our journey, spotted some cheese. We made our way into the cave that had held the delicious substance and the next thing we know we get locked in. My run in happened to be with Polyphemus himself. Poseidon's one-eyed cyclops son. He had trapped my men and I and ate a couple of my men. My intelligence had saved me once again. I made a spear to stab straight into the cyclops one eye and we carefully escaped with fewer men.
We came across King Aeolus. He did me a favor by putting all the stormy winds in a bag so that they won't harm our Ithacans. I had left it wedged under my afterdeck. My foolish and suspicious men did not listen to me after I had told them to and they opened the bag. We had been so close to Ithaca and now it is ruined.
On the island of the Laestrygonians we ran into gigantic cannibals and all of our ships are destroyed except for one and our crews were devoured.
My men and I then land on the island and home of the goddess, Circe. I sent a couple of my men to check the island, and the next time I saw them, they were animals. I had to make some deals with Circe in order to get my men back. Then, we headed off.
I was told I had to go to the Underworld to see Tiresias. He shows me how to get back to Ithaca and I was able to communicate with other dead souls.
As my men and I continue setting sail, we pass through the island of the Sirens. I plugged my men's ears with beeswax and they tied me down and I told them not to let me out no matter how hard I begged. Otherwise I would not see my wife or my children. We luckily made it pass the island of the SIrens.
One of the monsters my men and I must pass through is Charybdis. I had lost six of my men to Charybdis. However, it was better to lose six of my men then to lose it all.
We then landed on Thrinakia, the island of the cattles. Fine herds and flocks of goodly sheep. I had told my men not to eat them. They didn't listen to me and they ate the cattles. None of my men survived and I was the only one left.
I then ran into the goddess Calypso. She held me captive on her island for seven years. She fed me and she cared for me, however I still longed for home. She finally let me go in the most simplest way, which only made me wonder. I continued my journey back home to Ithaca soon after.
Finally, I landed on the island of Phaeacia who fed me and I told him my story. He gave my the best of his ships and he supplied me with food so that I could get back home. Some of his men and I left to get back to Ithaca.

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