the leagues A breakdown of the leagues as the season draws to a close.

Regionalliga Nordost

No surprises here as Chemnitzer FC take the championship as they have been set to do for months now.

BAK 07 went one better than last season's third place with their second placed finish.

BFC Dynamo will likely be happy to see the end of the season after a poor 12th placed finish. FC Viktoria too had a season to forget, but this is mostly due to their issues with bank balance and dodgy investors.

oberliga nord

There's still two weeks left in the Oberliga but at the top it's all decided. Lichtenberg 47 claimed the solitary promotion spot to the Regionalliga Nord after their win over second placed Tennis Borussia.

TeBe are another club with a season to forget. Despite their league position, TeBe's season was overshadowed by the ludicrous power grab of Jens Redlich.

At the bottom it's still all to play for, with 8 clubs separated by 5 points and still in contention for either an automatic relegation spot or a relegation play-off place.

Malchower SV are very relegated.

berlin liga

Nothing is decided in the Verbandsliga Berlin. SV Tasmania have a 2 point lead over SV Sparta Lichtenberg with two game to play. This one looks like it's going down to the last weekend of the season. This isn't your professional league level of organisation here though. Tasmania play their final game on Saturday 01.06 whilst Sparta kick-off 24 hours later, at which point their fate may have already been sealed.

At the bottom SC Charlottenburg are as good as down. Füchse Berlin though have managed to drag themselves out of the relegation places. Lets see if they can stay out of the bottom three by the time the league is done and dusted.

landesliga st.1

FC Brandenburg could have all but tied up their promotion to the Berlin Liga, but a 0:3 defeat means they will have to wait at least another week. Berlin Hilalspor will be hoping FC Brandenburg slip-up so they can take the top spot away from them, whilst themselves looking over their shoulders at FC Novi Pazar who want to edge out Hilalspor for the promotion play-off spot.

Landesliga st.2

This one played out just like everyone was expecting. After re-branding Club Italia as Berlin United amongst a cacophony of media attention and money, the title was almost a foregone conclusion. VfB Fortuna Biesdorf will take second place and have the chance to take promotion to the Berlin Liga after their playoff match.

Separated by just three points, the relegation spots here are not set in stone, with any of the bottom five still in contention. Freidenauer TSC and BW Hohen Neuendorf currently occupy the uncoveted spots, but we'll see how that looks in two weeks time.

bezirksliga st.1

Clear at the top are Köpenicker SC and Steglitzer SC Südwest 1947. Though both are guaranteed promotion, only one point separates 1st and 2nd, so the glory of the championship is still all to play for.

Sitting third from bottom in the final relegation spot FSV Fortuna Pankow have hit a bit of form of late, winning 3 of their last five, and ten goals in their previous two games. They may well have left it too late though, as their two remaining opponents are 2nd placed Steglitzer SC and 3rd placed BSV 1892. Their only hope of survival is is FC Phönix Amed drop points. Phönix have the already relegated second to bottom BW Mahlsdorf Waldesruh and end the season against currently 1st placed Köpenicker SC. Should be an interesting end to a hard fought season in the Bezirksliga St.1

bezirksliga st.2

Things aren't so close cut here. Promoted teams are VSG Altglienicke II and BFC Tur Abdin. Tur Abdin could snatch the top spot from VSG, but with a four point gap and only two games left, probably not.

The bottom is much the same. TSV Mariendorf 1897 II could mathematically catch FC Liria, but they'd need to win their final two matches, one of which is against Tur Abdin, so that doesn't look too likely. FC Afrisko, a former Freizeitliga team who enjoyed a fair few promotions in recent years have had their worst season since switching to the regular league structure. They have taken just 6 points this season, with a goal difference of -118.

bezirksliga st.3

The second promotion in as many seasons for TeBe II. BFC Meteor take the second spot and promotion to the Landesliga after three successive season finishing in 6th place in the Bezirksliga St.3.

In a position they have come all too familiar with, BSV Hürtürkel are dead last. Not as relegated as they were last season, with their tremendously shocking goal difference and one point. But still relegated nonetheless. In the 2015/16 season, BSV Hürtürkel were still in the Oberliga Nord. Next season they will be in Kreisliga A. Special.

Kreisliga a ST.1

After the 2014/15 season, Polar Penguin decided to move from the Freizeitliga and into the 'regular' league structure. Since then they have found it very difficult to not get promoted. It's only taken them four years to move from the three levels of Kreisliga, and next season it will be very interesting to see how they get on in the Bezirksliga. For the second promotion spot it will be a close battle between BSV 1892 II, Spandauer Kickers II, and SSV Köpenick-Oberspree.

At the bottom, Besiktas JK Berlin are trying to out-Hürtürkel BSV Hürtürkel with their one point and a goal difference of -169. They will go down along with the Cary Grant movies of Berlin football, SV Norden-Nordwest, and either Grunauer BC 1917 II or SC Lankwitz

Kreisliga a ST.2

BFC Südring will return to the Bezirksliga as champions of the Kreisliga A St.2. With them will come either Kickers Hirschgarten or Spandauer FC Veritas, who have only a one point gap between them.

It looks like Blau-Weiß Friedrichshain have done enough to secure their Kreisliga A status, after their promotion last season. With two games to play they are 6 points ahead of SC Westend 1901, who occupy the league's only relegation spot.

Kreisliga a ST.3

2nd placed BSC Marzahn's crushing 0:7 defeat against 3rd placed Sparta Lichtenberg II adds an extra element of interest into who will join 1.FC Wacker 1921 Lankwitz e.V. in the Bezirksliga next season. Separated by 4 points, Sparta II are a long shot, but it will keep BSC Marzahn on their toes going into the final two weeks.

At the bottom it'll be a close call between any two of 1.FC Marzahn, SF Johannisthal II, and SC Charlottenburg II, who are separated by one point. Whichever it is, they will be joining FCK Frohnau in the Kreisliga B next season.

kreisliga a st.4

BSV Oranke have been bouncing around the Kreisliga levels for a while now, and next season the get to enjoy life one step higher in the Bezirksliga. That is unless something goes horribly wrong, as they are currently six points clear of third placed TSV Lichtenberg with a decent goal difference cushion and only two games left to play. BSV Al-Dersimspor II are sitting in second position, one point ahead of TSV.

NFC Rot Weiß will head down to Kreisliga B, having taken only 13 points this season. Going with them is SV Berliner VB and one of either SC Minerva or BSC Eintracht Südring.

kreisliga b st.1

Five points clear and with a goal difference 25 higher than second placed NSF Gropiusstadt II, RW 90 Hellersdorf are one point from becoming league champions.

The league is propped up by SV Buchholz II, but with no relegation places in the league this year, they have no worried about dropping down to Kreisliga C.

kreisliga b st.2

13 points clear of second placed SC Union 06 II, the former Freizeitliga team FC Polonia Berlin are set for their second consecutive promotion. Close behind SC Union 06 II are Anadoluspor Berlin II and VfB Concordia Britz II, with only 3 points between 2nd and 4th place. Should SC Union drop any points, it will make for an interesting fixture on the final week of the season which sees Anadoluspor Berlin II host VfB Concordia Britz II.

In order to stay up SV Treptow 46 will need to beat BSV Hürtürkel II and FC Hellas, and hope that FC Hellas lose against Anadoluspor Berlin II. 11 points adrift at the bottom, FCK Frohnau II are long since relegated.

kreisliga b st.3

With 6 points separating the top 5, this is easily the most open league. Any one of SC Berliner Amateure, Borussia Pankow, Frohnauer SC II, 1.Traber FC Mariendorf II or SG Eichkamp-Rupenhorn could go up. First and second placed SC Berliner Amateure and Borussia Pankow both have 61 points, though Amateure have a vastly superior goal difference. The teams placed 3rd-5th however, all have a game in hand on the top 2. SC Berliner Amateure are still to play SG Eichkamp-Rupenhorn, and 1.Traber FC Mariendorf II face two of the top 5 in their final two games. Everything will go down to the final week in this wonderfully special league.

At the bottom everything is decidedly calmer, with CFC Hertha 06 II propping up a league with no relegation spots this season.

kreisliga b st.4

SF Kladow will go up as champions and the other promotion spot will go to either 2nd placed SV Adler Berlin or SFC Friedrichshain II, who sit in 3rd. The penultimate gameweek will see the 2nd and 3rd placed teams play each other, which could see either SV Adler claim promotion or SFC Friedrichshain II draw level on points.

Friedrichshagener SV II sit at the bottom of another league with no relegation this season.

kreisliga b st.5

Another tight league with either SV Adler Berlin II, Cimbria Trabzonspor II or NSC Marathon still able to go up as champions. Just one point separates the three with two matches left to claim the two promotion spots.

Another league with no relegation allows BFC Südring II to be laid back about being bottom by three points

kreisliga b st.6

All decided here as BSC Eintracht Südring II will go up as champions and Steglitz GB have already secured the second promotion spot.

Cimbria Trabzonspor will remain in the Kreisliga B next season despite their measly 8 point season haul. Another league with no relegation due to other teams withdrawing.

kreisliga C st.1

It's honestly a challenge to not get promoted in the Kreisliga C this season. Nevertheless, this league is still a tight one, with SV Nord Wedding II, Concordia Wilhelmsruh II and SC Bosna Berlin all separated by just one point in the top three spots. the FOURTH promotion spot will go to FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin II, unless 1.FC Novi Pazar 95 II can somehow close the 4 point gap with 2 games remaining.

There is no relegation from Kreisliga C, but SG Nordring II are bottom with only 9 points this season.

kreisliga C st.2

JFC Berlin will go up as champions, with SV Hürriyet Burgund and RFC Liberta going with them. Blau-Weiß Friedrichshain II occupy the final promotion spot and will go up unless SG Nordring make up the three point gap in the final two weeks.

kreisliga C st.3

Sport-Union Berlin are clear champions with a 12 point gap to second placed Kickers Hirschgarten II. Besiktas JK Berlin II and RW 90 Hellersdorf II sit in the other two promotion spots, but could still be caught by BFC Alemannia 1890 II, who are only 1 point behind the 3rd and 4th placed teams. Mathematically, VSG Rahnsdorf could still go up, but probably not.

Frauen-Regionalliga Nordost

1.FC Union Berlin took the top spot, beating second placed FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin by only one point.

BSC Marzahn and 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden will both be relegated with 12 and 4 points respectively.

frauen Berlin-liga

SC Staaken claimed the only promotion place, beating Türkiyemspor and 1.FC Union Berlin II to first place by three points.

At the bottom are SC Borsigwalde and SV Blau-Gelb Berlin, who will be relegated to the Landesliga.

frauen landesliga

Spandauer Kickers and Friedrichshagener SV secured the two promotion spots, beating off 3rd placed FSV Hansa 07 by five points.

At the other end of the table are FFC Berlin 2004 and BSC Marzahn II, who will be relegated to the Bezirksliga

frauen bezirksliga St.1

An astonishing season for Wittenauer SC Concordia, who won every one of their games this season, finishing with a goal difference of 148. SV B.W. Berolina Mitte II finish second in the promotion playoff spot, one point ahead of SC Charlottenburg.

frauen bezirksliga St.2

A crushing end to the season for DFC Kreuzberg, who were beaten to the relegation playoff spot by SV Rot-Weiß Viktoria Mitte after conceding a 90th minute goal against 1.FFV Spandau in the final game of the season. SV Adler Berlin take the automatic promotion spot, with 28 points, three points above SV Rot-Weiß Viktoria Mitte.


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