The Harn mAtthew Schwarz spark story

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

Me next to the "Seated Buddha" of the Gandhara Region

When I first saw this work from afar I was not too impressed. In fact it looked like a multitude of other Buddha sculptures that I have seen in textbooks and online. However, when I walked closer to the statue I was amazed at the details of the Buddha's facial details. He looked so peaceful and tranquil that I myself felt more relaxed just looking at the sculpture, and my initial thoughts were totally wrong. The way his face and hair looked so ideal and at peace. In fact his face and robes were based off of classical Greek and Roman influences, which were interesting to see in actual person.

As an engineering major I do not have a lot of time to relax and take time off, but seeing this piece really changed my outlook on my study habits and attitude. Through the details and tranquil style of this piece I feel more motivated to try to take some time off from studying and think and appreciate all of the aspects of my life. These connections I made could not have been possible without the attention to detail and precision of this sculpture that made it not only a beautiful sight on the eyes, but an empowering piece on the mind.

Design of the Museum

A view of the Harn's hardwood section that leads to an outdoor garden.

My favorite design of the Harn Museum was in the Asian wing of the museum. The wide range of space and the spread out arrangement of the heart enhanced the experience as a whole. I am from Melbourne Florida, a small beach town, and I love wide open spaces because it reminds of home. As I walked into this wing I felt strangely at home. The light poured in from and the gardens and made viewing all of the art work inside a lot easier to see. Also the beautiful wood floors and wall was a nice touch as I got closer and closer to the garden section, I did feel more connected with nature and the artwork. None of the other sections made me feel like I was back at home, and I feel like with these connections and beautiful lighting this section of the Harn was the most beautiful and appealing to me.

Art and Core Values

Me next to "Plate 2" and "Plate 6" , Coffee Portfolio by Rafael Tufino

When I first viewed these two works of art I immediately felt a connection with the message the artist was trying to portray. Tufino appears to be illustrating the balance of work and play in life. It seems crucial to both have fun and work hard in whatever you do, to truly achieve the good life. I felt connected with this piece because one of my most important core values is my work ethic. I study everyday and try my best to be the best student I know I can be, yet I also try to enjoy and celebrate my time in college. This balanced core value made me proud to see in art, and most importantly inspires me to continue my work and to never give up no matter how hard school can get. Where ever I maybe at the University of Florida I will always cherish these portraits to remember the balance in life I must have.

Art and the Good Life

Me posing by the "Swimming Gator" by Hiram Williams

One of the most common things I felt as a freshman here at the University of Florida was being overwhelmed. It is easy to forget where you are in life when you are away from home, swamped (no pun intended) with work, and lost in this big campus. However it is essential to remember where you are and enjoy why you are here. These emotions came flooding back to me when I saw this piece hanging on the wall. It reminded why I was here, to be a Florida Gator. I am at one of the top Universities, and working quietly in the background like the quietly strong gator seen above. I felt a special connection with this piece because I never like to brag about anything, instead I work hard, and just like this gator quietly lurking this made a strong connection with my core values and good life. This work reminded me that I should be proud of who I am, and to celebrate my good life, because even with all of the stress it is truly great to be a Florida Gator! No matter where I end up in life, or the places I'll go, one thing will always remain consistent, I will always be a Florida Gator, and I will always be PROUD to be a Florida Gator.

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