8 Things you need to do/know Before being a Babaysitter BY; Lyla Faragalla


Hang up flyers.If you want to end up having a successful babysitting business and not just babysit your mom's friend's daughter for free, take the time to print out flyers and hang them everywhere. Have your name, number, experience and all the reasons why they should let you babysit their child. Make the flyers pop out so people will notice them. Add color, pictures and other things to make it look nice and neat. When you finish your unique flyer hang them up where people go often. Like by your local mailboxes, the park and maybe just around the neighborhood. Before you hang up the flyer however, you need to add how much you are charging for the babysitting.


Don't charge too much or too little.When deciding how much you charge for babysitting, consider these; your age, training and experience. If you are younger and have no cpr/ first aid training you should consider charging a little less, like around $5 per kid per hour, because they won't want to pay as much for an inexperienced person. However if you are a little older with more experience consider charging higher, like $8 an hour+ $4 for each additional kid, because they know you know more about what you are doing. On average an experience babysitter gets paid about $15 an hour. 51% of parents would pay about $5 more an hour to a older more experience babysitter, so start getting experience!There are many other factors that can affect how much you get paid like if the kids are sleeping, napping and you don't really need to do anything. .Okay, so now that you have your flyers up and good prices you have to wait for a call to come in.


Meet the kid and parents before babysitting. Congrats! You got a call and a family wants you to babysit their two children every Thursday after school. Ask them if they want to meet up sometime before you babysit their children. This is a good opportunity to get to know a little about the parents and kids. To show you are responsible ask important questions when you meet up like what is a typical day, how do they expect you to discipline their child, is their child on any medication and other important questions like that. This will get you to know their child better so that you and their child will have a good time.


Try to keep texting the parents to a minimum. If something goes wrong try and find a solution because there most likely is a solution. Try and only text the parents updates telling how good the kids are doing. If any problems arise, you can fix it! A solution can be found without their parents needing to help you. Try your best to only text the parents some bad news in an emergency. Other than that, keep the texting to a minimum so that the parents won't worry about something that most likely isn't a big deal on their date night. Keep the kids safe, entertained so they are tired when the parents come home.


Try and not use electronics for the kids. I know it can be really easy to turn on some TV shows sit on the couch and let the kids just watch TV. So, that's exactly what you should not do! The parents most likely did not pay you to sit and watch TV with their kids. Go outside, play games inside, cook together or do something else interactive. Depending on their age they are most likely easy to please, so get moving and make them tired. So when their parents come home they aren't stressed because their kid would have ran out of energy and it looks good on your part because the kids will tell the parents how much they had fun.


Don't use you phone or any other technology. Never use your phone, never call a friend and never invite anyone over. These should mostly be common sense. However you can probably get away with any of these very easily. This is just something between yourself and your integrity. Having your own integrity will build trust between you and the parents, making them hire you more!


Always listen to the parent's instructions for the kids. This can seem like the easiest thing to do but it is definitely not. It also adds that trust element between you and the parents. If they say they want their kids to bed at 8:00, put them to bed at 8:00. It seems easy, but the kids usually do end of trying to get away with many things when their parents are not present. That why this simple rule is crucial. They can toy with your emotions and make you feel bad and you will want to give in. Never give in because that is how the kids find your breaking point, and once they do they will use it for so many other things. So by doing this you can reduce babysitting disasters and have more of the parents trust.


Have fun. It is that simple! Along with the other things you should do for babysitting, you need to have fun. If you are enjoying yourself then most likely are the kids. You will usually be very happy when you see the kids happy and visa versa. There can be hard times when babysitting, times where the kids just won't listen, but you can get through anything. Just remember you are basically getting paid to watch fun, loving kids which is probably one of the best jobs. So keep your chin up, I think the kids just woke up.


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