Brotula's Seafood House & Steamer is a locally-owned & operated, casual, family friendly seafood restaurant on the Destin Harbor.

"The name Brotula’s is derived from the Bearded Brotula or Cusk Eel that is caught right here in our local waters at depths of 350 feet. This amazing tasting fish is one of the best kept secrets among the local fishing community. Here at Brotula's we specialize in fresh, locally-sourced seafood, produce, and a wide array of steamed and boiled shellfish platters that are integrated into a fun and rustic, yet sophisticated southern fish house. Some of our most popular dishes includes the steamed snow crab, lobsters, and mussels. The Chef-Inspired menu will display a wide variety of flavors, with focuses on New South culinary preparations of traditional coastal offerings from around the country. "

the love of seafood

In life, you have some folks who gravitate to the mountains and others who gravitate to the sea. I've been a water baby from the day I was born and I don't ever see that changing. I can float in a pool or lake, or jump waves in the ocean for hours upon hours and never want to come in. I'm a true Thalassophile, sea nymph, and lover of all things ocean.

Naturally, one would think as much as I live for long days on a warm, sunshine adorned beach, I would adore seafood. I mean who doesn't love fresh shucked, briny oysters, a fresh fish catch, or perfectly grilled shrimp? Who doesn't drool over lobster dripping with warm, drawn butter or mile high crab cakes? Who doesn't completely loose their mind over perfectly pan seared sea scallops or Ahi tuna poke? To assume I love all of those things, one would be absolutely, indubitably and fabulously correct. My name is Melissa, and I am a seafood junkie.

Enter. Brotula's.

Brotula's Seafood & Steamer House is an exceptionally fantastic experience from the moment you step through the doors. The beautiful high beam structure, woodwork and industrial mixed metals seamlessly blends old sea lore charm with an innovative, modern feel.

There's not a bad view to be found. From the secluded round table to the fabulous outdoor decks, you can watch stunning sunsets as the fishing boats come in with the last catch of the day. Simply put, you just won't find a better view in Destin.

If you are a true oyster connoisseur, make sure not to miss Brotula's BrOysters with Smoked Gouda, Jalapenos, Ritz Crackers & Bacon.

Although I haven't met a sea creature I didn't enjoy devouring, I am quite picky about seafood. I want only the freshest, most perfectly prepared selections. I guarantee that is ALL you will find at Brotula's Seafood & Steamer House.

A perfect location on the coast in Destin Harbor definitely lends itself to local seafood accessibility, freshness and quality menu offerings. Some items offered at Brotula's are literally minutes out of the ocean. You can't get any fresher seafood than that my friends, or any more delicious than the dishes prepared by Brotula's Executive Chef, Thomas Lemasters.


This is one of the most impressive chefs I've had the pleasure to meet, Executive Chef Thomas (Tommy) Lemasters. His story is one of overcoming obstacles to follow his passion, resulting in an incredibly successful career.

You won't meet a kinder, or more personable chef who has no qualms taking a few minutes from the kitchen to come by your table and tell you about all of the wonderful things offered by the restaurant. His smile and passion for cooking is infectious, and it only takes a single bite to know this chef has followed the right path. This talented young man is going places and he is definitely a chef to watch.


I mentioned earlier some of Brotula's dishes were minutes out of the sea? I meant exactly that. Brotula's offers the most unique, innovative dining option I've ever come across called the Hook & Cook. Basically, you take YOUR fresh catch to the kitchen, choose the way you would like it prepared and the sides to go along with it, and he will prepare your fresh catch on the spot.

Your meal is then served to you on a hardwood board for you to share or to devour all on your own. Literally HOOK...and COOK!

Although we didn't hook our own meal, Chef Thomas gave us a fabulous sampling of the Hook & Cook boards with his fresh catches of the day including Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack & shrimp. Each catch was expertly prepared and served with a special house made sauce.

Our board also came with decadent sides such as smoked Gouda cheese grits, fresh asparagus, roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, and some of the most delicious hush puppies this side of the Mason Dixon.


If you're one who cannot end a good meal without dessert, you are going to be in sheer and utter heaven at Brotula's.

I truthfully cannot describe the feelings associated when I first saw this tray coming in our direction. All I could do was giggle like a little girl. Chef Thomas nailed it. Again.

On any given day you can find a variety of sinfully decadent cheesecakes, cobblers with homemade ice cream, bread puddings with luscious toppings, you name it. If you heart desires it, you'll more than likely find it on the menu.

From the time you walk in the door to the time you finish your last bite of dessert, Brotula's is a don't miss restaurant destination. They are stellar in every aspect of your experience from the friendly, welcoming staff to the picturesque views to the stellar execution of their creative menu. This is a place we will come back to time and time again and know without a doubt we will have the same exceptional experience.

Thank you so much Chef Thomas for a fabulous experience and keep our corner table reserved...we will back very, very soon.

For more information on Brotulas including location, hours of operation, current menu options, Happy Hour pricing & specials, upcoming events and how to contact them directly, please visit their website below.

We would like to thank Brotula's Seafood & Steamer House, Chef Thomas Lemasters and Proffitt PR, for an absolutely stellar, memorable experience. We would also like to thank our readers for allowing us to share our thoughts and opinions on these complimentary tasting experiences and products with you. Thank you for your confidence in us and thank you in advance for visiting and supporting these businesses. For more from The Front Porch Gourmet, we welcome you to visit our website.

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