Falcon monthly April 5, 2021 #FalconsALLin

Important reminders & Dates!

  • State Assessments begin this month. Check out the official Florida Assessment Calendar for specific test details and view our school's testing schedule in this newsletter as well as in the parent letter that was sent home with students.
  • April 23- NO SCHOOL for students and teachers
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday-- After school Homework Hall & Academic Support is offered every Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4 PM for students who bring a permission form.
  • Every Monday through Thursday from 6-7 PM-- In addition to our school Homework Hall & Academic Support, any student can log into Class Link and select the Citrus Math Homework Hotline logo to join a Zoom help session with a certified teacher. More information featured in this newsletter.
  • FREE Breakfast and Lunch Program for ALL students has been extended to the end of this school year!
  • Parents needing to drop off items during the school day are asked to call prior to arriving. We will be practicing social distancing in our lobby and we appreciate your patience as we limit the number of people entering at one time.
  • For safety, there will be NO bus notes to change buses this year.

Take a look at next Year's school calendar!

take stock in children

college scholarship information

Take Stock in Children was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization in Florida that provides a unique opportunity for deserving, low-income youth to escape the cycle of poverty through education. We offer underserved students one-on-one support through caring volunteer mentors, professional college success services, the opportunity to earn a college scholarship, and hope for success in college, career, and life.

Click the links below to find out about this program in Citrus County, the application process, and the income eligibility requirements.

schoolhouse hustle!

The 8th Annual (virtual) Schoolhouse Hustle is here! Many of you have signed up already. Thank you! But the Citrus County Education Foundation needs more of you to help to reach their goal!

If you have not registered, please go to www.schoolhousehustle.com and do so! Can’t make the race? Remember – it’s virtual – so this is the ultimate “Sleep In” option!

When you register – you do two things….you get healthy (yay!) and funding this race means more opportunities for YOU in YOUR classroom! So help the foundation help you!

Special pricing is still available for School Board employees and students! So don’t wait – sign up NOW!...Yes – stop reading this and just sign up. Any Questions? Contact Coach Barrett


All A's Honor Roll

8th Grade

Julianna M. Amo, Isabella J. Bollin, Leah G. Boykin, Stephanie E. Brake, Sienna M. Callaway, Annastacia Cassidy, Monica Cortes, Reece M. Dimase, Rebecca L. Duncan, Austin C. Edmister, Alexis N. Foley, James E. Fultz V, Eli J. Langston, Sean Martin, Kaileigh L. Moran, Michael L. Mulder, Tyler J. Murray, Ellianna R. Nicoleau, Savannah L. Parker, Faithlynn A. Parks, Hope E. Prevost, Kevin Rose, Joshua M. Sevilla, Samantha Spall, Sedona Stackpoole, Caitlyn S. Thompson, Nathan J. Vonderhaar

7th Grade

Khyla Allen, Payton S. Anderson, Emirena Arias, Harley A. Avera, Jayden Brown, Eve Chastek, Ella J. Cripe, Emorie P. Gipe, Harrison M. Grant, Loredana L. Harrelson, Elaina K. Hartman, Sofie A. Herrera, Lily Belle A. Ilowit, Abigail Y. Jeong, Payten R. Johns, Keira E. Lee, Brandon A. Leon, Owen C. Maddox, Prudence Nelson, Rafe L. Nichols, Jennifer A. Reynolds, Adrianna L. Rhodes, Mikael Sasser, Ariel K. Stevenson, Aubrey R. Thorpe, Colton P. Wilson, Jeffrey R. Wininger

6th Grade

Alayna N. Allen, Ethan Alvarado, Lyrik J. Behrens-Hoskins, Jaylynne R. Booth, Olivia Fennema, Myra A. Garrido, Samuel Gavin, William Hintze, Dillon G. Holmes, Cheyenne M. Jahnke, Micah Jeong, Belle M. Johnson, Lindsay B. Keene, Savannah N. Lachance, Camryn E. Leffew, Rebecca M. Mathew, Kaitlin M. Randazzo, Malina A. Richards, Daelyn J. Robbins, Ryan G. Scarborough, Alyssa R. Schwarz, Logan E. Sweet

A/B Honor Roll!

8th Grade

Connor A. Acker, Summer r. Adams, Brayden G. Applegate, Adan R. Arena, Brandy E. Armato, Alice J. Aynik, Tristan C. Baker, Adrianna E. Balderas, Hailey E. Ballard, Olivia J. Barkley, Kaylee M. Beery, Jackson C. Bryan, Jasmyn Cook, Parker K. Cross, Xannon A. Currie, Olivia H. Deppolder, Matthew S. Dufresne, Zoey Earles, Shelby K. Fellows-Saine, McKenzie L. Fisher, John R. Foley, Keifer Friend, Michael A. Gargano, Sabrina C. Garren, Genesis N. Gonzalez, Madison Gordon-Mingo, Ethan M. Green, Caitlin B. Gustafson, Stephanie A. Harvin, Franchesca Hernandez, Jianna Hernandez, Haley A. Holderfield, Tambrie M. Huffman, Koby B. Justice, Zechariah G. Knight, Christopher A. Kosenko, Keeley N. Legus, Amber R. McCullough, Savanna N. McMullen, Kendall R. Mikel, Seth A. Nason, Jonathan R. Neal, Joslyn P. Niles, Lillian K. Penny, Jaxon S. Pugh, Jaelynn M. Reid, Ryan J. Ricci, Emma A. Richard, Leila Rodriguez, , Zachary J. Sala, Kirsten F. Schaak, Avery E. Schwarer, Faith Sell, Sophia L. Seminera, Ella H. Simpkins, Alexis Swiggett, Noah Tracy, Tanner M. Venuto, Aysha Wallace, Jaden F. Weedman, Cian B. Wood, Kristina N. Wunder

7th Grade

Jenna M. Aynik, Emily N. Barron, Peyton M. Bishir, William B. Bishop, Bryce E. Borton, Sydney E. Bottorf, Jayden Bryan, Mikhaella Casero, Keilyn Collazo, Kai A. Currie, Dominick K. Czuj, Sadie E. Deitrick, Emily J. Diehl, Mackenzie M. Doss, Sarah A. Gantea, Payton L. Gregg, Imari A. Griffin, Shawna L. Griffin, Zoey K. Hale, Jacob R. Hester, Ronnie Q. Ho, Nathan Jackson, Braedon K. Keszthelyi, Mila M. Llanso, Jason T. Lloyd, Ryan N. Lower, Christopher Makarov, Martha Marquez, Aidan S. McCreary, Lauren Mosher, Nathan J. Ortiz-Nelson, Isabella L. Patkus, Alexander J. Paul, Michael J. Paul, Jadyn Reins, Thomas A. Riel, Darian C. Rivera, D'Angelo J. Robinson, Jayden R. Russell, Logan Shade, Brody E. Skinner, Kaitlyn R. Smith, Jack A. Steffek, Bianca I. Toro, Trinity P. Warf, Sarah L. Welzel, Jasmine E. Willet, Jayda R. Williams, Kevin M. Winczuk

6th Grade

Breela S. Albert-Karriem, Kaylinn J. Applegate, Cayson M. Bevirt, Alexis B. Blomquist, Madalyn P. Bottorf, Gianna P. Bulaon, Abigail K. Cannon, Caiden R. Chouinard, Devon S. Cochran, Austin Cole, Paxton Cross, Michael R. Green Jr, Briyanna Hawkes, Kaya A. Jackson, Carlyann K. Jones, Matthew T. Jones, Samy Kaddaf, Blake A. Land, Ian Paulo D. Llamido, Jayliana Z. Lopez-Neumann, Braydon M. LoRusso, Rayne J. Mattox, Melissa N. Mcastocker-Greene, Davyn R. Miller, Phoenix M. Muhammad, Haylee Nelson, Caidence L. Nichols, David M. Perez, Piper O. Perry, Brian R. Propst Jr, Cody J. Ritter, Frederick Rondon-Javier, Keegan J. Rowthorn, Jacob M. Ruark, Christian R. Santos, Nicholas G. Schenk, Riley Shade, Stephanie J. Stacy, Devon E. Stevens, Andrew C. Tanner, Dustin T. Tyler, Brayden T. Wulff

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Parent Survey

The 2020-2021 Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Parent Survey is now open until May 31, 2021. Paper surveys are provided for parents of all children receiving special education services and MUST be completed with PENCIL. Additionally, an online version is available through the link below. We appreciate you taking a moment to provide feedback by completing this survey. The valuable information you give us will help us make decisions on the effectiveness of our services in meeting the needs of our students. Thank you for your time!

water bottle reminder

Students should bring a clear water bottle to stay hydrated. For safety, we have closed communal water fountains, but students can refill their water bottles at the water hydration stations.

middle school Promotion requirements

At CSMS we strive for excellence in academic performance and anticipate our students will successfully complete academic requirements for promotion from middle school. Please review the following information summarizing district requirements as outlined in the Citrus County Student Progression Plan and legislation:

All students are required to take and pass three middle school courses in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, including civics. Civics, Algebra I Honors, and Geometry Honors will contain an End of Course Exam (ECO). Statewide, standardized EOC assessments will constitute 30 percent of the student’s overall grade. Students enrolled in all courses associated with an EOC must take the EOC assessment.

In order for a student to pass a course, their final grade point average must be equivalent to a D in each class. Grade points are awarded as follows:

A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0

At the end of the year, all grade points for the four quarters are totaled and averaged. For each class the average must be equivalent to a D or higher for the student to pass the class and be promoted to the next grade level.

If you have questions concerning promotion requirements, please call the guidance department.

After school Homework hall & Academic support

Homework Hall and Academic Support is currently offered every Tuesday and Thursday in the media center as well as via Zoom until 4:00 PM. Students who want to participate must have a permission form on file. Forms are available in the front office. If you have questions, call Ms. Jenkin 344-2244 ext. 4445.

Math Homework hotline!

Monday-Thursday from 6-7 pm, Any student can log into class link and select the citrus math homework hotline logo to join a zoom help session.

Soaring Falcons

Soaring Falcon students are chosen monthly by the grade level teachers in recognition of consistent outstanding school performance and attitude.

6th Grade

Caiden Chouinard

Cali Drakeford


Peyton Bishir

Adrianna Rhodes


Brayden Applegate

Haley Holderfield


Track and Field Meets

April 12 Crystal River High 3:00

April 19 Citrus High 3:00

April 26 Conference Championship South Sumter 4:00

May 3 County Championship Lecanto High 3:00

Canvas for parents

If you haven't downloaded the Canvas app for parents or signed up for Canvas on your computer, visit the link below to find out how to set that up and pair it with your students accounts. This link is also available on our school website under the Parent Links tab. This platform will be your resource for student assignments, communication, and course information throughout the year.


No dismissal changes may be made AFTER 1:45.

Car Line Pick up and Drop off PROCEDURES

  • Student drop off is between 7:20-7:50. Vehicles MAY NOT enter the middle school parking lot to drop off students. Please drive slowly. Please do not talk on your cellphone during drop-off.
  • If it’s possible to delay your students arrival until 7:30 that would help us greatly.
  • Students that arrive between 7:20-7:30 will be sent to the cafeteria until they can report to home room at 7:30.
  • Please follow the drop off route so we can keep everyone safe.
  • Students that arrive after 7:50 will be marked tardy.

Pick up: Dismissal begins at 2:20 pm. Vehicles MUST use the car line to pick up their student. Vehicles MAY NOT enter the middle school parking lot to pick up students. Please drive slowly. Please do not talk on your cellphone during pick up.

*We are no longer allowing students to cross over to be picked up from the parking lot.

SAC Meetings

If you are interested in being a part of the School Advisory Council, please email Rachel Bender benderr@citrusschools.org

Meetings will be held 3:00 pm via ZOOM invitations sent out to the interested participants.

  • May 10, 2021

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If you have not had a chance to check out all of the resources on our website-- check it out!

Title 1

If you have any questions concerning Title l please call: Rene’ Johnson (Title l Coordinator) @ 352-726-1931


advancement via individual determination

Welcome to the AVID center!

ALL parents are encouraged to read this section to receive information that will help you and your child prepare for the future-- the where and what to do next for your child’s education.

We are looking for a professional to zoom with the AVID classes about their Career. If you are interested please email garciate@citrus.k12.fl.us or siegendorfm@citrus.k12.fl.us or call 344-2244 ext. 4447

Calendar of events for AVID in April:

April 13th - AVID Dress up Day-- Students must wear nicer clothes (meaning not jeans or shorts and t-shirts) on that day to practice or model interview first impressions.

April 28th -Midterm Quarter 4

April 30th -AVID t-shirt day

AVID EOT will be in May

Your Child’s Future Planning:

12th grade-Fall semester- Early decision- Apply for colleges and scholarships by the beginning of November or end of October. Students will hear back in December or early January. Complete the FAFSA.

Spring Semester-make decision on college and get housing as soon as you can. Apply Apply Apply for scholarships.

Scholarships also available through MyCareerShines.org

Look at a college comparison sheet to eliminate or decide between colleges and their requirements.


The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice has announced a new awareness campaign aimed at addressing school threats by students in Florida. Learn more about DJJ’s #ItsNoJoke campaign here.

Guidance Resources & information

Our guidance department is here to serve you and your student. You are welcome to call and set up a phone or Zoom conference with your student's teachers or speak with a guidance counselor about any concerns you may have.

Mrs. Brendel – Guidance Secretary, ext. 4411 email- brendelC@citrusschools.org

Mrs. Hum – Registrar, ext. 4412 email-humb@citrusschools.org

Mrs. Pastorello – School Counselor assisting students with last names A-L, ext. 4407 email- pastorelloa@citrusschools.org

Ms. Pettit -School Counselor assisting students with the last names M-Z, ext. 4408 email- pettitt@citrusschools.org

Mr. Smith- School Social Worker, ext. 4410 or (352) 400-0886 email- smithm@citrusschools.org

School Financial Report

A copy of the most recent school financial report is located on our school website.

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