Earth Church A Community-led Eclectic Group of Earth-loving People, Staunton, VA Sunday Mornings from Samhain to Spring Equinox 10:30A -12P at HEALTH TLC

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Earth Church is intended for people whose spirituality includes loving the Earth and respecting the paths of others. We are community-led and come together to share inspiration, spiritual practices, rituals, connection, art and more. All open-minded perspectives are welcome. All races, genders, and all who increase our diversity are welcome. Find us on Facebook and Instagram or send us an Email!

Season 6 Facilitation Team

Our facilitators keep things interesting by either presenting one of their fabulous offerings or recruiting other community members to present theirs. (If you have something to share, send us a message!) Every week is a different experience. Join us!

November - Jane Quadri & Willow RavenWolf

December - Brittany Sorrels & Willow Kelly

January - Raven Hawthorne & Aimee Zwart

February - Sunny Adler & Lindy Felix

March - Everybody Now!


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