It's Their Money And they need it now! Adrian Anaya

COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE!!! AS for U of A, the university will only cover about 85% of the estimated cost to attend. (image Credit:
Student-Athletes have no time to get a job to cover the remaining cost that a university will not provide for them! (image Credit:
Student-athletes provide so much revenue for their university that they do establish a certain value for themselves. However, the university does not compensate them for their worth leaving them with hundreds of thousands of dollars short of their value on the market. (Image Credit:
This how money is split up on average for every Division I sports team. Where is all the money going? Not the students, that's for sure! There is plenty of money to be given to students, but all they get is a scholarship to cover their tuition and room and board. (Image Credit:
To prove another point about where all of the money made from a college's athletics goes, here is a map proving that coaches are getting overpaid. A college coach should not be the highest paid employee in any state. Some of their salary could go to the actual student-athletes. Most of the time, the head coach is receiving almost double the funds that go towards scholarships which is entirely unfair. (Image Credit:
Here is how much money college athletics will make you... (Image Credit:

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