The Battle for Midway by payton bruni

The Battle of Midway occurred after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. With the Japanese becoming involved in the world war, the stage was set for intense naval warfare. Japan focused its effort on destroying the remaining Naval ships that were not damaged during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Japanese Fleet Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, targeted the island Midway Atoll as it was the home of a key Naval Base not far from pearl harbor. Midway Atoll was also strategically located in the Pacific Ocean, so that having control of the island meant having significant power over the waters between the United States and Japan.

The Japanese forces hoped that a crushing defeat at Midway would demoralize the U.S. and force them out of the Pacific. Japan attempted to lure the remaining U.S. aircraft carries into a vulnerable position close to Midway, where they would ambush the ships and cripple the U.S. Navy. However, Navy code breakers were able to intercept messages on Japan's most secure communications network. The U.S. learned of Japan's planned ambush, and put in counter-measures for the eventual attack.

Japan invested the majority of their naval forces in the attack expecting little resistance. But instead they were met by the majority Americas remaining naval force. Consisting of 3 aircraft carriers, 50 ships, and over 500 planes. The Battle of Midway was one of the largest naval battles in the world's history.

The U.S. was victorious, sinking multiple Japanese ships and shooting down hundreds of planes. The battle left the Japanese crippled, and evened the playing field from Pearl Harbor for the rest of World War 2. The Battle of Midway displayed the might of the United States Navy, and ushered in the age of carrier based warfare. Today, the United States Navy continues to reference the Battle of Midway in order to teach lessons on Naval warfare.

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Payton Bruni


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