Sustainable Energy Production In Saskatchewan Holly Scherloski

The methods that are used in Saskatchewan are fossil fuels (coal), hydroelectric energy, solar energy. How much energy is generated for Saskatchewan is the fossil fuel generates 71%, the hydroelectric energy generates 23%, and solar energy generates enough electricity for about 400 homes and businesses. I think it's not sustainable enough because there are millions of people in the world and our population is growing everyday so those percentages might get smaller while the population goes higher. Than that won't be enough for our society.

The method that I think should increase so that Saskatchewan can meet the electrical demands and so that Saskatchewan could be more sustainable in the future, is hydroelectric energy. I think hydroelectric energy because it only generates 23% and we need more of this to make it more sustainable. If we wanted more of hydroelectric energy we would need a place that has enough water to support this station. A positive thing about this is that it's renewable but a negative thing about this is that you can't put it wherever you want to. A possible place in Saskatchewan where you can have it, is the South Saskatchewan River, which is near Saskatoon. I think it could go there because the current will be increasing the outflow from the current and resulting the current to rise an additional foot. Also, if one went near Saskatoon that would help a lot because there's bunch of cities around Saskatoon and those populations will just keep increasing and since the water is suppose to rise that could be a big help and generate a lot of electricity.

The financial costs to increase the hydroelectric energy would be a high cost and it's relatively expensive compared to other options but the cost now is starting to come down. Which is good and will be easier in the future. The environmental costs wouldn't be that bad because the hydroelectric energy has a low environmental impact. The reason that is because since hydroelectric energy generates by the flowing of water and water is natural it can't really harm the environment.

This is the South Saskatchewan River that's near Saskatoon.
This is a hydroelectric energy stations in Estevan.


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