#1 Song Album Sales in the World By Laura H

In this project I researched what were the #1 album sales in the past 15 years.
Calculations for the first and second line of best fit calculations.
Calculations for the third line of best fit.
Calculations for the line of best fit for all of the data points.
Data points without the lines of best fit.
Data points with all the lines of best fit.
The predictions are not possible because the number of sales can not go under zero. But I do understand why the line is negative. It is negative because earlier people had to by the album to hear the songs, but now days because the technology has improved so much, many people just download the song from the internet or just listen to the music from YouTube.
I found one outlier in my graph. It was on coordinate (10, 14000). I think it is an outlier because it would be very odd that the sales would go up so suddenly.

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