CATS by Finlay

Wild cats

There are thousands of species of cats. One of them the snow leopard, which is becoming extinct.

Some of them are very successful, such as the lion, tiger and a jaguar.


They are somewhere in the top ten of the most dangerous carnivores. Cats normally sleep on a daily basis around 18 hours a day.


They also have one of the best camouflage in the world.


Do not let your cat eat mice because they might get tapeworms and they have a possibility to die.

Of course, all cats are different some are even blind which is extremely rare.

In Africa some cats can even get mango worms which is a type of grub.

All cats can see in the dark . They attract light into their eyes in day time and then they are ready to go outside




Baby cheetah

Of course all cats are different some are house cats, some are wild but not friendly and some are wild and friendly,

Poachers are people that kill animals but they are not allowed too.

Ahey also do this to white rhino's as well and their are 3 left in the world and lately one was killed

They use snow leopard bones for medicine and their fur for decoration. In some countries they sell rhino horns in far away markets its sad that they are becoming extinct.



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