Love the Land Reclaim your spiritual authority and learn Shamanic Journeying

2-5 PM March 17th, April 14th, May 19th, with Roberta Weber newoldmedicine@gmail.com newoldmedicine.com and Ken Fisher ken@spiritsoftheland.co.uk spiritsoftheland.co.uk

Email for more details or show up on the day. £5 suggested donation. No experience necessary!

Bring a notepad, pencil, and scarf to cover your eyes. Optional: Cushion, blanket, rattle.

New to Woodlands Workspace are Love the Land workshops. These workshops are designed to give the very practical tool of Shamanic Journeying to participants so they may navigate through the dark emotions many of us feel at this time of destruction to the biosphere, towards a greater sense of empowerment and ability to act.

Shamanic journeying is a method of direct connection to non-ordinary reality – the world of Spirit and the place of heart connection that so many of us have been missing from our lives for too long. With it we will restore our own sense of authority and power, as well as deepen our connection to the biosphere. This enables us to emerge out of stuck emotions and take action to bring us and our communities back into meaning and joy. In short it is a method to connect, heal and act from a heart centred place.

The workshops are led by Ken Fisher of spiritsoftheland.co.uk and Roberta Weber of newoldmedicine.com – both fully trained and insured Shamanic Practitioners in the tradition of Sandra Ingerman. Ken and Roberta both feel deeply that re-establishing our own spiritual authority and deep connection to the world around us will allow each of us to navigate the changes that are happening in a way that will increase love and harmony.

The workshops run from 2-5 on one Sunday a month (March 17th, April 14th and May 19th are currently scheduled) and will begin with a short introduction period, a description of journeying and how to do it effectively and safely, and then a led joint journey to the sound of drumming or rattles. No previous experience of journeying or Shamanism is needed! There will be tea breaks in between and lots of time for laughter and fun. As the participants get better at journeying, there will be opportunities to go outside of the workshop space and to work with the land surrounding more directly (including connecting with the trees).

The most basic things needed are a notepad, pencil and a scarf to cover your eyes (the sensory deprivation aids the journeying), plus a cushion and blanket if you can. If you have one, please feel free to bring a rattle (Roberta started her journeying with one of her children’s baby rattles!) or even some headphones and a smartphone to listen to drumming if we venture outside the wee workshop.

The suggested donation is £5 to help with the rent of the space and other costs incurred. Please just show up on the day but it would be lovely if you registered your interest with Ken or Roberta so they can have supplies at the ready!

Ken and Roberta are very much looking forward to welcoming you to their workshops, you can come to them all or drop in as you can. Please join us.

Ken ken@spiritsoftheland.co.uk

Roberta newoldmedicine@gmail.com


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