Andrew Easton Personalized Learning Coordinator and Education Consultant

Andrew Easton is a leading educator in the area of personalized learning, instructional video production, educational technology, flexible learning spaces, and games in education. Andrew serves Omaha Westside Community Schools as a Personalized Learning Coordinator, a position that affords him the opportunity to individually support each of his district’s K-12 educators in the development of a personalization model that is specific to each teacher, grade, content area, and learner population. Andrew is a dynamic, high-energy speaker who is able to provide professional learning experiences for schools, districts, conferences, and events. For pricing and availability, see the contact information at the bottom of this site.

Presentation Topics

Personalized Learning

Description: Personalized Learning is the commitment to creating educational experiences that are both individualized and differentiated -- and that account for learner preferences by considering learner voice and choice. In other words, personalized learning is any learner-centered practice whose goal is fostering learner agency and academic autonomy to enhance the learner's capacity to learn. In this session (or workshop), these ideals behind the implementation of personalized practices are clearly expressed and then broken down into a framework of five cornerstone elements that serve as entry points for educators to build their own personalized model to suit their individual classroom, level, learners, and experience. Session Subtopics: The Why behind personalization, fostering a positive class culture, making data-informed decisions, infusing opportunities for student choice and supporting student voice, intentional learning space design to support personalization, and leveraging technology to facilitate personalized practices.


Instructional Video Production

Description: Oftentimes, when educators use instructional video content they find online, there is a lack of fidelity between the video's approach to teaching the content and the teacher's sensibility and process for that same information in the classroom. Furthermore, research has shown that learner engagement rises when the viewer knows the person delivering the content in the video. And so as a result, over the past four years Andrew has produced over 125 videos with educational content, and over 100 of those pieces were instructional video lessons. This session (or workshop) shares insights from that experience to provide educators with information on video equipment, editing tips and tricks, apps and websites for creating supplemental clips, and maybe most importantly, how to integrate instructional videos into a lesson or unit design. From flipped lessons to blended learning, from required video content to a la carte video instruction, this experience will leave educators with the tools and vision necessary to produce and incorporate their own instructional content in the classroom.


Learning Spaces Design

Description: Learning spaces are currently a hot topic in education, with the common misconception that by creating a variety of chair styles along with some Pinterest-worthy decor student learning will significantly improve. In this session (or workshop), explore how intentionality in the learning space design can lead to the creation of classroom locations and conditions that serve to optimize learner productivity and facilitate personalized practices. By breaking down learning spaces into two separate conversations, flexible seating versus flexible stations, educators will gain a sensibility for how they distribute the furniture that they already have in their classroom to provide opportunities for learner reflection that fosters academic autonomy and maximizes the student's use of class time. Don't wait on receiving a grant to bring your learning space into the 21st century; change the way you utilize what is already available to transform the learning experience today.

Games in Education

Description: In 2017, global gaming is expected to hit over $116 billion dollars in revenue, which is a testament to that industry's ability to appeal to and engage consumers. By utilizing the research gathered for game design in the gaming market, educators can transform their classroom experiences into games to garner similar levels of interest and excitement in an educational context. This session (or workshop), details the difference between gamification and game-based learning and delves into the research done on gamer-types to discuss how we can create educational experiences that appeal to a variety of competitive styles. Educators will outline a framework for building a game narrative, and then will explore game mechanics that can be leveraged to make the game appealing to all learners, to create authentic learning experiences, and to foster a positive classroom climate with rich collaboration.

Professional Portfolio
Recent and Upcoming Speaking Engagements
Nebraska Educational Technology Association's Statewide Spring Conference, April 2017
USM Summer Spark, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - June 2017
Blue Valley Northwest High School, Overland Park, Kansas - October 2017
National Council of Teachers of English, St. Louis, Missouri - November 2017
Edina Public Schools, Edina, Minnesota - February 2018
Spring NETA Conference, Omaha, Nebraska - April 2018
USM Summer Spark, Madison, Wisconsin - June 2018
ISTE National Conference, Chicago, Illinois - June 2018
iNacol National Conference - October 2018
9th Annual Convening on Personalized Learning, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - November 2018
Upcoming: Christ the King School, Omaha, Nebraska - January 2019
Upcoming: NETA Spring Conference, Omaha, Nebraska - March, 2019
Upcoming: The Blended and Personalized Conference, Providence, Rhode Island - April 2019
Upcoming: Belvidere Central Middle School, Belvidere, Illinois - April 2019
USM Summer SPARK, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - June 2019
Upcoming: ISTE National Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - June 2019
Contact Information

Email Address: andrew.d.easton1@gmail.com

Phone: (217)-556-2261

Twitter Handle: @EastonA1

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Andrew Easton


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