Kindergarten TERM 2 NEWSLETTER 2019

Welcome Back for an exciting Term at Anzac Park Public School

The Kindergarten teachers have been working hard to create exciting and challenging learning experiences for our students in Term 2. We look forward to sharing this with you throughout the term!


This term, students will continue to learn through concept-based instruction across the Key Learning Areas. We will be using consistent concepts across K-6 as we explore the Big Question, 'Why does it work?' Below is an outline of the content Kindergarten will be examining this term.

Sport and Library Days

Kindergarten students are asked to wear sports uniform on the following days:

  • Sky 4- Monday
  • Sky 3- Friday
  • Surf 11- Tuesday
  • Surf 12- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 10- Wednesday
  • Blizzard 9- Thursday

Kindergarten will also require library bags for borrowing each Wednesday.

Important Dates & dayS

  • Friday 10 May: Mother's Day Family Breakfast & Kindergarten Science Incursion
  • Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23 May: School Photos
  • Thursday 23 May: Early Stage 1 Parent Program Workshop (2:00-3:00pm)
  • Wednesday 5 June: Vision for Learning Parent Workshop
  • Wednesday 3 July: Semester 1 Reports sent home
  • Thursday 4 July: Mountain Top
  • Friday 5 July: 100 Days of Kindergarten Celebration


Concept - Genre & Theme

During Term 2, Kindergarten students will continue to develop their literacy skills through targeted reading, writing, speaking & listening learning experiences.

Students will use their ‘Literacy Toolboxes’ to set personalised goals and work towards creating simple texts about familiar topics.

Kindergarten will further develop their understanding of the alphabet and the sounds that letters make through differentiated phonics lessons.

During Literacy Groups, students will focus on using guided strategies to decode unknown words and develop their comprehension skills when reading texts of increasing difficulty.

Students will also be introduced to the concept, 'Genre & Theme'. Through examining quality texts, students will focus on the genre of ‘Narrative’ and explore how authors represent the theme ‘Belonging’.


Concept - Comparison

In Mathematics Kindergarten students will explore the concept ‘Comparison’. They will examine the difference between numbers, quantities or values to decide if it is greater than, smaller than or equal.

Through engaging in explicit instruction and differentiated activities, students will continue to set personalised goals and add skills to their ‘Maths Toolbox’.

Students will be regularly assessed and monitored for understanding, and activities will be targeted to support and challenge them at their individual level of learning.

To consolidate students mathematics skills at home visit:


Concept- Transformation & Consistency

This term in our inquiry unit we will be immersing ourselves in the concept ‘Transformation & Consistency’. Students will explore objects, materials and their properties to answer the question: ‘How can transformation and consistency help us understand movement?’

Students will engage with the 4D’s Design Thinking model by moving through the stages of: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver to create a toy that moves and meets a design brief.

Through this process they will explore their immediate surroundings and ask questions about their observations and experiences. Students will investigate possibilities and solutions, individually and in collaboration with others, and use the design process to develop solutions.

We look forward to sharing Kindergartens’ learning journey and creations with our families at Mountain Top night on Thursday 4 July.


Music & DRAMA

Concept- Genre

During Creative Arts learning experiences, students will explore the concept ‘Genre’. Genre simply means ‘type’ or ‘kind’ and refers to groups of artistic compositions that have similarities in form and function. The study of genre enables us to see relationships between compositions or performances, the ways they are similar and the ways they are different or even innovative. It allows us to support students in analysing works and in creating particular kinds of creative work as it provides guidelines for structure, identifiable features and ways to deviate from conventional approaches.

Kindergarten students will view, listen to and respond to a variety of musical and dramatic performances. They will sing, play and move to a range of music as well as experiment with sounds and begin to organise them into basic structures.


Concept - Transformation

Kindergarten will continue to participate in targeted sport lessons to develop their gross motor skills. They will investigate how their bodies move and the transformations that result from movement in relation to space, time, objects, effort and people around them.

During health lessons students will explore ‘Safe Living’ and develop strategies to use when faced with problems at school and at home.

Should you have any further questions please contact your class teacher or our Early Stage 1 Assistant Principal:

Miss Melanie Shields- melanie.shields9@det.nsw.edu.au


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