My favorite place BeaU

I have not an favorite place on Ameland

But a Nice place to be is the gym: de Slinger. And the forets for sport, because i love sport

These are sports that i like: badminton,volleybal and run

I don't like school, i hate homework and learning for test


This is Ibiza

I want to go there when I am about 18 years old, than i go partying with friends. Because they go with me

These are the Malediven

When I am in the malediven, i go to sit and sleep by the beaches. At the malediven is not very much to do

It's time to relax

And This is Bora Bora

These are the islands i want to go, because i love the beaches and the sea

And as i go to the islands i Will sleep in an hotel with all inclusive

The end

Made by: Beau

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