World War 2 Carly glover

-World War II was a war that lasted from September 2, 1939 through September 3, 1945.

-World War ll only came two decades after the first world war.

-Two weeks before war was declared Stalin, The USSR, and Hitler signed a mutual aggrement.

-After making an agreement Germany, Italy,and Japan never actually coordinated a plan of action together.

-Adolf Hitler was determined to invade and occupy Poland.

-The war was sparked by Adolf HitlerĀ“s invasion of Poland in 1939.

-The United States was mutual until Japan led them into the war with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

-The UK and France declared war on Germany on September 3 ,1939.

-In 1939 Finland attacked the USSR which the USSR is forty one times bigger in population then Finland.

American military officials in Europe.

-In May of 1939 Italy and Germany signed saying they would defend each other in war.

-Eastern Poland was invaded by the Soviet Union on September 17, 1939

-Adolf Hitler seized Czechoslovakia in March of 1939.

-On May 10, 1940 Winston Churchill became the Prime Minister of Britain.

-On May 14, 1940 the Home Guard was created.

-The air attack threat Adolf Hitler had on Britian was finally carried out in August of 1940.

-Britain along with some commonwealth forces had opposed the Axis powers in North Africa.

-The first ever atomic bomb was made by the United States and dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

-The codename for D-day was operation overload.

-D-day was just a name the military came up with,it did not really mean anything.

-The Battle of Prokhorovka was the largest tank engagment in history.

Bombing of London on September 7

-The Battle of the Buldge, with over 80,000 American deaths was the deadliest war for the United States.

-The Enola Gay was the plane that was used to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

-The atomic bomb caused harsh damage and sickness for the people of Hiroshima.

-On the Nazi flag red stood for the social idea of Nazism, white stood for nationalism, and black stood for the struggle of the Aryan man.

Nazi flag

-Around 12,000 Jewish people were killed everyday in Nazi concentration camps.

-Most concentration camps were located in Poland, including the worst Auschwitz.

-It is believed that six million Jewish people dide in concentration camps from 1939-1945.

-In the Holomodor, Stalin killed around four million Ukraines through starvation.


-The war killed about four percent of the worlds population.

-Allied forces took control of parts of Germany and Japan after the war.

-Mostly all of the Axis leaders either had to go to prison or were killed.

-The United States got into a cold war with Russia a few years after the war for many reasons.

-Soviet Soldiers had a parade for defeating Nazi forces in Moscow on June 24, 1945.

-The Berlin wall was built after the war.

-The Nuremberg trails were in 1946 to see if former Nazi's were to be put in prison or not.

-Around fifty million military deaths in the whole war.

-Since Adolf Hitler was not prepared for the harsh Russian weather a lot of his military died there.

-The war officially ended when Japan surrendered.

-Political unrest led to dictatorships in Japan, Italy, Soviet Union, and Germany.

-People from Poland swept away from the Soviet and Nazi's by fleeing to Britain.

-On June 24 Germany gained half of France after the Franco-Italian armistice was signed.

-This was the biggest, most distructive war in history.

-There were more Allies dead by the end, over sixty million Allies and twelve million Axis were killed in all.

-After the German invasion of Poland, Britain and France demanded for Germany to withdraw troops, but they did not so they declared war.

-Finland never really joined a side, but in 1940 needing help they joined forces with Nazi Germany.

-It is believed that six million Jewish people died in concentration camps run by the Nazi's.

-The Lend Lease Act was created to let the United States lend and lease weapons.

-In 1948 the United States helped rebuild Europe with the Marshall Plan.

-About 12,000 Jewish people were killed everyday in concentration camps.

-There are estimates that about eighty-five billion deaths ouccured.

-This war included thirty nations fighting.

-This deadly war lasted six years unitl the Allies defeated this Axis.

-This was the most widespread war.

-Canada made more trucks than Japan and Germany combined.

-Around eighty percent of Germany's casualties were from Russia.

-More Russians died in Leningrad then the United States and Britain combined.

-On May 14, 1940 the Home Guard was created.

-Soviet soldiers had a parade for defeating Nazi forces in Moscow on June 24,1945.

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