Los Gatos By Tallulah

I am going to talk about my home town that I was born in. Los Gatos. That is a Spanish name for "The Cats". Today I am going to tell you about Los Gatos Life and other things.

Courage is the first human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others. - Aristotle
This is the Los Gatos High School. It was founded in 1908. This school have about 1,700 students and about 100 teachers. It is the top 30th biggest schools in California. This is where my older sister goes too. The Los Gatos High School has about everything such as the football field, volleyball courts, tennis courts, the track, the library, 2 swimming pools, 1 baseball and 1 softball diamonds and the high school field area.
This is the Lexington Reservoir. In this picture the reservoir flood from 2015 rain storm. There is a 4 mile trail from this reservoir to the downtown Los Gatos. In the winter there a lot of fish but not in the summer because it is so hot. Highway 17 runs along with this dam. Here is a little history. In 1883 a man hired 2 thugs to steal $20,000 of gold in this Lexington man's house. They couldn't get the gold so they burn and beat Lexington to death with their pistols and matches. Then off they took the gold. 9 years later they caught both thugs and they hung one of them and the other spent 15 years in prison.
This corner with a peak on top is at the main street of Los Gatos. There isn't much about this but the peak has never been removed the since 1920s. Some people make it like it is their reminder like for an example I make it my main place or reminder that I am on Main Street because there are so many shops and restaurants. This picture was taken in 2006 so it may look different from today.
This is the sleeping cat of Los Gatos as well it says on the bottom of the picture. This sleeping cat is different from the other Los Gatos cats. The eyes are just lines because it makes it look like it eyes are close. The other cats has their eyes open a little. This picture was taken in 2015.
Wake up every morning with a THANKFUL ATTITUDE. Expect something good happen in your life today. - Joel Osteen
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