99U 2016: Make It Experience Featuring Kelli Anderson's paper pop-up speaker

Adobe Make It made another appearance at 99U this year, this time at the Launch Party. We leveraged 2015 Creative Resident Kelli Anderson's Paper Pop-up Speaker to make a fun Capture CC > Illustrator > Print workflow.

Step 1: Draw something, then use Capture on an iPad Pro to save your shape to the shared CC Library

Step 2: Go to the desktop and use Illustrator to make a cool repeating pattern to print on your paper speaker

Step 3: Print and take home!

A 99U attendee uses Capture CC to save cool doodles.

Adobe Stock was integrated this year, with large banners printed of fun patterns that attendees could use as inspiration. These patterns were also made available in the shared CC Library.

Overall it was a huge success, with over 450 people in attendance!

Until next time...thank you!

Created By
Pollyanna Macchiano

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