To Be An Educator... Jialin Li

DO's 1. Cherishing I’m still a student, a student teacher, a learner, who has time to polish myself to be an educator; 2. Utilizing field observation, positioning myself as a student, a teacher, even a parent or an administrative personnel; 3. Analyzing what I observed, mimicking what I appreciated, considering where I am, developing who I am; 4. Giving students “how” except “what”; 5. Being a brave man to open my ears and eyes, to judge what I received, to open my mouth and nose, to believe what I’m gonna do; 6. Becoming a reformer in my class, my school; 7. Standing with my students, protecting the power of our voices;
DON'Ts 1. Wasting the time of learning, the identity of a student; 2. Underestimating field observation, a giant energy bar; 3. Sitting in the back of the classroom, playing your phone, being discussed by students, leaving from class as soon as possible; 4. Forgetting to question who you observed; 5. Easily trying to be an educator, unless you are ready to contribute your life for education; 6. Be distracted by unrelated voices; 7. Be afraid, panic and hopeless;

Learning comes from observation(hands off) and imitation(hands on).

Observation- A good observing includes that opening our ears and eyes, judging the authority of what we observed, analyzing the advantages and the disadvantages, considering our situation, and to be ready for the adventure.

Imitation- A good imitating is based on specific and detailed analysis, choosing a satisfied model and practicing a same activity.

Pro-imitation=Creation- Deleting and adding what we learned, saving and updating what we experimented, adapting our students, schools.

Student Teacher 🐱 As a student to listen, how do you feel? (students’ response, real-time problems, the teachers’ performance) 🐶 As a teacher to listen, how do you feel? (students’ response, real-time problems, the teachers’ performance), AND how do you improve?
A teacher-centred style of teaching OR A student-centred style of teaching (Richards and Pennington, 1998) My experience: A student with autism
To be what you want students to be = The mission of an educator




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