Which event was most significant to the success of the civil right movement 1954-1965 by Tee


The Civil Right Movement are the protection of right to get the freedom from governments by get colored people and white people to having right same as what others people get, So in this essay will present what 2 event that i think is the most significant and why in the Civil Right Movement.



In think the most significant event to the success of Civil Right Movement was happened in Birmingham Alabama in April 1963, in 1960s,this event is a series of protests against the segregation of colored and white people and very segregated, also was the one of the most challenging places to demonstrate for the Civil Right.This event was supported this segregation and started to separate people's in groups or attacking them or burning houses by Klu Klux Klan or KKK who had the violent the colored people .So this shown that this event is the most significant because they had separate the environments, places and resources such as segregated lunch counters, hospitals, school.This event can link to the Civil Right Act in 1964.

Civil Right Act


In my opinion, I think Civil Right Act in 1964 was the second most significant to the success of The Civil Right Movement.This happened on June 11 1964,This segregation was banned on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin from shops,school,restaurant or public places,and this is considered one of the reason of the civil rights movement.also this event is linked to Voting Right ACT 1965 and March on Washington 1963


Conclusion conclusion, I think the most significant event in the Civil Right Movement was the Birmingham Alabama in 1963.The reason that i chose to be the most significant event because this event can show how they have been punished or separated with the reason that they're colored.So after the segregation ended,both white and colored people were live together in peace.

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