Roma Human CradLe

Feeling a bit lost in Rome, with it´s tight serious security and beggars. I found myself in apathy. But… Then I found the beauty of this city. And mixed with it´s religious, awe-inspiring historic sights, dualism, cuisine & downright fun, it just hit me... This is the cradle of mankind. This is what it is all about. History meeting the present. Technology teaming up with our wonderful past. And then, just when you are so breath-taken by everything. It just adds that little bit of magic for you. So that you can remember to tell everyone back home. «You should see Rome before you die».

It's easy to feel lost in mighty Rome. Small winding via's suddenly become open huge piazzas. Piazzas with historically important architecture or sculptures.
Sculptures that need strict looking after. Serious looking men armed with whistles. Not afraid to use them if you should want to rest your feet and sit down on a memorial staircase. These men are backed up by even more serious men with guns.
The city can make you feel lost. Almost apathetic.
But if you sit down. At a cafe or restaurant. And just look.. The beauty starts to reveal itself. The little things,
The people
The dualism and absurdaties.
The cuisine.
The street artists, the fun and games.
The classic "Disney" look that takes your breath away.


Created By
Hugo Lütcherath


Copyright Hugo Lütcherath

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