what does it for someone to change the world tefon

some key ideas that help you change world.

  • ted talk videos for an example: malala yousafzai dad talk about her and she changed the world by bringing girls to school but she took risk to bring those girls one day something bad happened she still kept on bringing the girls . taking risk is something that changes the world.

and john paul is talking about how you could change the world

i asked 2 or 3 people what does it take to change the world and they said

I.it takes Encouragement for changing the world

2.it takes risks all so to change the worl

And that is what you could does to change the world

and I think that helping someone then only helping your self is changing the world.

every when could change the world in any ways in the world

lot of people changed the world like elon musk,malala yousafzai.


ted talk video about changing the world


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