American Civil Rights By Logan Chelmo

Birmingham Campaign

The Birmingham Campaign A.K.A Project C was a series of sit ins, marches and boycotts in Birmingham Alabama in order to bring awareness to the Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King Jr leaded African American citizens to promote the cause of equal right for African Americans. While some white citizens and Police were harassing them to stop what they were doing.

The peaceful intentions turned violent when police officers would attack the people with fire hoses, dogs.

President John F. Kennedy would later make a speech after the event. And soon would then would help the Civil Rights Movement to where all men are equal.

Similar to the Civil Rights Movement is Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a organization to end the war on black people in America. This was created by three siblings after the Treyvon Martin case. Black Lives matter has used similar tactics to when the Civil Rights movement was going on, such as protest. These have been a struggle for them due to killings and riots.

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