Day 1 “ It’s Monday, meaning that it’s my day to do housework. I mainly clean the kitchen. It takes me about an hour or hour and a half to finish depending on the amount of dishes there are. I don’t officially get an allowance for housework, but my parents do offer money sometimes.”
Day 2 “ This is my niece, Lola. Either me or my mom has to watch her while my sister is at work. She’s the one that mostly pays the bills. This Tuesday, it was my turn.It’s a lot of work watching little kids and it takes a lot of effort. This job, however, I do get paid for so I’m content with doing it.”
Day 3 “ This is my pantry. Messy, I know but at least not empty. It is hard for my mom to be a proper mom most of the time, but one thing I can say is that I have never gone hungry. She puts so much effort into getting out of bed and making dinner for us. Her medications make her really weary so sometimes I offer to make it instead. “
Day 4 “ It was one of those nights where my mom was not feeling so good. Me and my older sister made a simple dinner that consisted of bbq chicken, veggies, and rice. It was a good time considering me and my sister don’t bond as much as we used too. She is always so busy with work.”
Day 5“ My dad welds. It’s not his job, just something he likes to do. Recently, he has been working on making a trailer for his friend. He usually spends his time outback welding until my mom makes him come inside. Sometimes, I’ll sit and watch him but for the most part everyone let’s him do his own thing.”
Day 6 “ This is my little sister and my nephew who lives with us. After school, the two usually go ride their bikes together or go play in this lot of dirt by our house. If there not doing that, they're inside watching videos or playing games. They have a hard time getting along, but for the most part they make it work.”
Day 7 “ It’s Sunday. Usually everyone is resting doing there own thing. This is my mom and dad. My dad likes to do the crossword puzzles or the Sudoku puzzles that are in the Sunday paper. My mom is usually resting like always. Our black cat, Boo, loves to keep my mom company and will follow her everywhere. He will even climb on top of her and fall asleep.”

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