The Corps of Discovery por Ethan Maddox

Key Players

Meriwether Lewis

One of the two captains of the Corps of Discovery and a captain in the U.S. army

William Clark

William Clark was one of the two captains leading the Corps of Discovery expedition and a captain in the U.S. military


A Shoshone woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition and acted as a translator between the Corps of Discovery and the Native American tribes they encountered

Thomas Jefferson

The 3rd president of the U.S. who was responsible for ordering the expedition in order to explore the western territories

Toussaint Charbonneau

He was the husband of Sacagawea and was a translator for the Corps of Discovery alongside his wife

Lewis and clark expedition route

Lewis and Clark began their journey by setting off on the Ohio River on August 31, 1803. Then, on May 14 of the next year, they began traveling on the Missouri River. The Corps spent the winter of 1804-1805 with the Mandan tribe. Once they left the Mandan, they continued traveling down the Missouri River and eventually hit the Bitterroot Mountains. It took the group 11 days to cross the Bitterroots. After emerging from the mountains, the Corps rode the Clearwater River, which led to the Snake River, which itself eventually lead to the Columbia River. In the middle of November of 1805, they finally reached the Pacific Ocean.

TOols of the trade

  • Surveyor's Compass
  • Hand Compass
  • Telescope
  • Thermometers
  • Sextants
  • Chronometer
  • Handsaws
  • Whetstones
  • Pliers
  • Forceps
  • Syringes
  • Tourniquets

Species discovered by the corps of discovery

Animal species

  • Aleutian Canada Goose
  • Amerian Raven
  • Blue Catfish
  • White-Tailed Deer
  • Coyote
American Raven

Plant species

  • Bitterroot
  • Buckbrush
  • Common Snowberry
  • Glacier Lily
  • Mountain Hemlock
Common Snowberry

expedition accomplishments

  • Traveled 8000 miles in under 2 1/2 years
  • Sent back 108 botanical specimens and 68 mineral samples


  • Winter at Fort Clatsop and Fort Mandan
  • Sioux indians stole supplies from the expedition
  • The group nearly starved in the Bitterroots and had to their horses

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