Florida Museum of Natural History Tyler Dean

My favorite exhibit in which you feel like a fish

One of my favorite exhibits at the FMNH was the one in which you feel like you are at the bottom of the ocean. It really allows you to feel like you're in an entirely different world. The fish are huge around you, and you just feel like a bottom-dweller in the ocean. It really caught my attention right when I walked in and the lights were dim. One thing I realized that most people may not have thought of, was how scary it would be to be a bottom dweller like a shrimp. I realized how large those fish seem in comparison, and thought how scary it would be to be one of those fish's (much smaller) prey. That exhibit made it so cool to be in another world.

Butterfly Garden

The FMNH provided me a great way to connect with nature that I had not previously experienced. I absolutely loved the butterfly museum. I loved how I was right there with nature, and a butterfly even landed on my foot. I felt almost connected to that butterfly, because we were both experiencing the exact same things. We were at the same place at the exact same time. I thought about how cool it was that hundreds of butterflies were just going on with their day, and I was just there to admire it. Others were taking pictures and found it just as cool as I did. The butterfly garden certainly instilled a desire in me to want to preserve the environment. Those butterflies were so beautiful, and we need to protect them.

Mammoth skeleton

The FMNH helped me to step outside of my ordinary life and experience what it would've been like to be alive a long time ago. I could only imagine standing next to one of these mammoths, as the cave men did, and trying to hunt them. It really made me realize how small humans are comparatively, and how scared I would've been to be alive when dinosaurs and mammoths roamed. The fossils allow us to fully experience who we are, as humans, and our place on earth and also where we were on the food chain. You really better appreciate the majesty of earth, but it also makes you wonder how all these things went extinct.

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